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Earlier this year, EYB launched  and   a feature which allows you to view a selection of pages from a cookbook – including photographs, illustrations, and complete recipes – with just a click. Since the launch, we have nearly 250 titles available for preview and we are adding more each week. To continue our efforts to bring our members cutting edge features, last month we announced EYBDigital Books.

What are EYBD Books?

The EYBD platform will provide digital access to the complete book when a member has pre-ordered a print copy of the title before release date (or during the promotional period after release). You do not need to be a paid member to access this feature and EYBD Books are in addition to the 5-book limit for Free memberships.

The EYBDigital Book is a conversion of the book to HTML much like our EYBDigital Previews. The EYBD Book will not be available on the site until publication date and will require proof of purchase to access the book. It cannot be copied, downloaded, printed or saved.

Southern Baked is our first EYBD Book. If you have preordered Southern Baked, or buy it before November 30, 2018, register here (be sure you have a photo of your receipt or screenshot from your online order ready to upload). Once your purchase has been verified, this button  will appear on the book on your Bookshelf and will take you to the digital access for this gorgeous book. To enter our giveaway and learn more about this title, please see our promotion post.

As we draw closer to the publication date of our other EYBD Books we will update this post with specific registration links as well. For book tour events, EYB will supply bookmarks with sign-up details to the bookstores. Purchasers of the books at these events will get access to the digital book as well.


For the first time you will have access to the full EYBDigital Book wherever you can access EYB – on vacation, at work, in the grocery store, etc. In addition to the digital book, all the features of EYB will be included in the access, at no cost to the book purchaser.

•            Recipe search
•            Bookmarks
•            Recipe ratings and reviews
•            Photo upload (personal photos of dishes cooked)
•            Shopping lists

Currently, we have the following titles slated for EYBD Books this year (my Cookbooktober post shares more details about these titles). We are adding more cookbooks as we go forward. Please note, if you have already pre-ordered one of these books, you still qualify for EYBD access and will follow the same procedures mentioned above.




Publication Date

Southern Baked *  EYBDigital Preview * Cookbook Events * PromotionRegistration Page 

Amanda Wilbanks


Seattle Cooks *  EYBDigital Preview * Promotion * Registration Page

Julien Perry


Just a French Guy Cooking *  EYBDigital Preview * Promotion *Cookbook Events * Registration Page 

Alexis Gabriel Ainouz


Cooking in Color * EYBDigital Preview * PromotionRegistration Page 

Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett


Vancouver Eats *  EYBDigital Preview * Promotion * Registration Page

Joanne Sasvari


Always Delicious * EYBDigital Preview * Cookbook Events * PromotionRegistration Events

Lauraine Jacobs


Kiwi Baker at Home * EYBDigital Previewn * PromotionRegistration Page

Dean Brettschneider


Copenhagen Food *  EYBDigital Preview *Cookbook Events * Registration Page

Trine Hahnemann


Home Cooking with Kate McDermott * EYBDigital PreviewCookbook Events * Registration Page 

Kate McDermott


Pasta, Pretty Please *  EYBDigital PreviewCookbook Events * Registration Page

Linda Miller Nicholson


Pie Squared – Note * EYBDigital Preview * Cookbook Events * Registration Page

Cathy Barrow


Supercharge Your Gut * EYBDigital Preview * Registration Page

Lee Holmes


Atelier  *  EYBDigital Preview * Registration Page 

Marc Lepine


Searing Inspiration *  Cookbook Events * Registration Page

Susan Volland


Bourke Street Bakery: All Things Sweet * EYBDigital Preview * Registration Page 

Paul Allam & David McGuiness 

11/6/2018 (US)

Extra Helping *  EYBDigital Preview * Registration Page

Janet Elsbach


Poh Bakes 100 Greats * EYBDigital Preview 

Poh Ling Yeow


Whole Food Thermo * EYBDigital Preview

Tracey Pattison


Healthy Hormones * EYBDigital Preview

Belinda Kirkpatrick


*Please note for Pie Squared, the entire book will not be available as an EYBDigital Book. The publisher is offering a selection of eight recipes including the Introduction: The Sum of All Parts and the entirety of Chapter 1: The Elements of Pie. As a bonus, members who preorder the book will receive two exclusive recipes from Cathy’s new book When Pies Fly to be published in the Fall of 2019. Those who preorder the book will be entitled to this special incentive.

Since our annoucement we have recently added Bourke Street Bakery: All Things Sweet: Unbeatable Recipes from the Iconic Bakery by Paul Allam and David McGuinness to the mix. Paul and David are the chefs, bakers and co-owners of the wildly popular Bourke Street Bakery empire. They opened the doors of their first bakery cafe in Sydney in 2004 and now have eleven Australian stores and a New York venture underway. Bourke Street is more than just a bakery – Paul and David are also founders of The Bread and Butter Project, Australia’s first social enterprise artisan bakery, training refugees in baking and pastry-making, and delivering handmade bread to stores around Sydney. This is an absolutely gorgeous title as are all their previous books.

Our next titles to be published in September include:

Seattle Cooks by Julien Perry shares signature recipes from the city’s best chefs and bartenders. Figure1’s cooks and eats series are among my favorites in my collection. They paint a delicious portrait of each city’s food scene with beautiful photographs and must have recipes. Kalua pork belly with Korean chimichurri and Huckleberry pancakes with lemon curd and chevre are a few examples of the range of recipes herein. For more information and a chance to win a copy of this book, see our promotion.

Just a French Guy Cooking by Alexis Gabriel Ainouz journals the cooking exploits of the author who wants to make cooking fun and accessible. His style is endearing and his passion for food is contagious. There are 90 of Alex’s favorite recipes in this wonderfully photographed book that will appeal to those wanting to learn how to cook and those, like myself, that appreciate another (youthful) approach to the classics. For more information and a chance to win a copy of this book, see  our promotion. Be sure to check out Alex’s events in NY next week.

Cooking in Color by Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett, The Food Gays, is a vibrant plant-forward cookbook that tackles everything from condiments to striking vegetarian entrees as well as flavorful meat dishes including Indian-spiced fried chicken. I am enjoying reading this title that while plant-forward isn’t vegan or vegetarian. For us who love to photograph our food, each photograph shares styling tips and camera settings!

Vancouver Eats by Joanne Sasvari shares signature recipes from the city’s best restaurants and as I mentioned above Figure1’s cooks and eats series are among my favorites. What I love about these books are not only the profiles, recipes and photographs but that the recipes are very approachable. For instance Milk chocolate panna cotta with Oreo crumb and raspberries, while elegant, is not difficult to create at all. The recipes are restaurant quality but doable for all levels of cooks.

Always Delicious: Favourite Recipes from the New Zealand Listener by Lauraine Jacobs is a beautiful book set for publication on September 24th. More information on this must have title can be found here. The publisher is providing a $15 reduction in freight charges for orders outside of New Zealand.  

Kiwi Baker at Home by Dean Brettschneider is our second EYBD book from New Zealand. I have nearly all of his books and Lauraine’s. They are filled with creations that inspire. We’re working on a preview and will get that to you soon. The publisher is providing a $15 reduction in freight charges for orders outside of New Zealand.



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