Why you are seeing increased restaurant prices

empty wineglasses on a tray
During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic when lockdowns were the order of the day, cooking at home had lost its luster, and takeout just wasn't cutting it anymore, most of us would have given our eyeteeth to be able to sit down in a restaurant and be treated to a proper dining experience, cost be damned. Well, today the… read more

Green Kitchen: Quick + Slow Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ giveaway to win one of three copies of Green Kitchen: Quick + Slow: 100 Joyful Vegetarian Recipes to Make Busy Weekdays Easy and Long Weekends Fantastic by Luise Vindahl and David Frenkiel. Last month, we finished indexing the Green Kitchen Stories blog. Adding this blog to your bookshelf provides you with 374 additional recipes. The couple behind… read more

Is it too early to plan for the holidays?

You've probably seen a few Christmas in July sales, but usually holiday offerings don't hit stores in earnest until we get the first whiffs of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Not so for Bonne Maman, however, because the purveyor of jams, jellies, preserves, and herbal teas just announced the availability of its highly sought after limited-edition Advent calendars. Maybe they… read more

Cookbook Deals

We will update this post throughout the week – new additions are always at the top of each bulleted list below. As an Amazon Associate Eat Your Books earns from qualifying purchases when using our links: USACanadaUKAU If you are new to this post, please be sure to click on the “long term deals” page for some great sales! This post explains the… read more

Food news antipasto

Have you seen any of the amazing photos of distant galaxies, nebulae, and stars coming from the newly launched James Webb Space Telescope? One of the recent images has a food connection: French scientist tweeted an image of what he described as a 'distant star' - only it wasn't a star at all, it was a photo of a thin… read more

Pioneering British chef Alastair Little has died

British chef Alastair Little, known as the ‘godfather' of modern British cooking, has died at the age of 72. Little's restaurant Soho, which opened in London's Soho neighborhood in the 1980s, was ahead of its time, with an open kitchen and an emphasis on seasonal, local ingredients. The chef influenced generations of other industry professionals including Jamie Oliver, who posted… read more

The last two weeks: Part II of fall/autumn preview; recipes; giveaways and more

This week will be a short and sweet roundup as it contains two weeks worth of articles, blog posts and recently indexed cookbooks. Our team has been knocking out older and new cookbooks weekly. Below we feature just a few of those newly indexed titles. If you wish to see what other books have recently been indexed click on this… read more

Sometimes the best things come in small packages

Despite what some advertisers claim, bigger is not always better. A giant stand mixer might be perfect for making multiple batches of cookie or bread dough, but if you want to whip just one or two egg whites, you can be out of luck if all you own is a 10-quart Hobart. Often, having a small tool dedicated to the… read more

NEW FEATURE: Report Broken Links

Our EYB Library has 375,325 online recipes at this time. Those online recipes were all active when the links were created. However, websites revamp their site thus changing recipe locations or blogs close down so some links have become inactive or broken. We have added a "Report Broken Link" icon - next to the "Recipe Online" icon - so that… read more

Why butter temperature matters

As someone who loves to bake, I find that many of my favorite recipes begin with at least one stick of butter. Whether the butter is straight from the freezer, needs to come out of the fridge, or should be tepid depends on what I'm making, as the temperature of the butter will greatly affect the outcome of the baked… read more

Fall/autumn preview: Part II – Non-baking titles

Last month, I shared Part I of my fall/autumn preview which highlighted baking cookbooks. I recently updated that post to include a few books which have come in. Here in Part II I will tell you a bit about the non-baking books that I’ve been fortunate to review either by galley, pdf or copy of the book and as these… read more

The Giveaway Roundup

All of our current giveaways are now on one convenient roundup which will be continually updated! If you are having any difficulties with entering our giveaways, please see our step-by-step help post. Giveaways are tagged by the countries the contests are open to. Bookmark the searches below for easy reference! To enter our contests click on the blue link beneath the… read more

Food news antipasto

veggie burger patty on one half of a bun, topped with two onion rings, with the other half of the toasted bun to the right, both sitting on a red plate with a red polka-dotted napkin
Americans learned this week that they were losing a beloved frozen treat, the Choco Taco. The Klondike confection was invented in the 1980s and quickly became a favorite of kids and adults alike - what's not to love in a mashup of chocolate, ice cream, and a taco shape? But all hope is not lost: Reddit cofounder Alex Ohanian has… read more

Good & Sweet: Quick Bites & Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our worldwide giveaway to win one of two copies of Good & Sweet: A New Way to Bake with Naturally Sweet Ingredients by Brian Levy. Good & Sweet: A New Way to Bake with Naturally Sweet Ingredients by Brian Levy was just published this week. I have been waiting impatiently for its release. The wait was worth it. Whether or… read more

IACP 2022 Cookbook Award Nominees

cropped images of six cookbook covers: Zoe Bakes Cakes by Zoe Francois, Ripe Figs by Yasmin Khan, Pasta by Missy Robbins, Black Smoke by Adrian Miller, Flavors of the Sun by Christine Sahadi Whelan, and Treasures of the Mexican Table by Pati Jinich
Each year when I see the lists of nominees for the various cookbook awards I am always impressed that authors are able to keep innovating and achieving great heights in writing, research, and recipe development. The nominees for the 2022 IACP Cookbook and Media Awards prove that there remain deep reservoirs of culinary knowledge, cultural heritage, and cooking, baking, and… read more

What’s the best cookbook holder?

An open cookbook rests in a bamboo holder on a butcher block countertop. A red KitchenAid stand mixer is in the background.
For those of us who use our cookbooks day in and day out, protecting them from ruin while still being able to easily reference them is an ongoing challenge. While a splatter or two can add character to a beloved book, a major spill can be disastrous, so many cooks turn to cookbook holders and protectors instead of just plopping… read more

Lock your doors: it’s zucchini season

The warnings are dire: double-check to make sure all of your doors are locked, from your cars to your garage to your house. These precautions are not due to an increase in the crime rate, but rather because your neighbors are getting desperate to find homes for all of the zucchini (courgettes) that are now ripening in their garden. I… read more

NEW FEATURE: ‘No Recipes’ books

We have had the Indexing status 'No Recipes' for some time but until now you could not use that as a filter. You now can! 'No Recipes' is one of the selections under the Only Show filters on the right (or under the Menu on a phone) when you are in Library Books or My Bookshelf Books. 'No Recipes' books… read more

July 2022 New Cookbook Review

July is a quiet month, normally, and even quieter during this time of COVID issues. Again, dozens of books have been pushed back, some even into 2023. I spoke to my friend, Amy Thielen this week - her new book Company: Recipes Menus Advice has been moved again to April, 2023. Paper shortages, shipping issues and the usual delays. It… read more

The Lodge at Black Pearl Cookbook – Worldwide Giveaway

Enter our worldwide giveaway to win one of two copies of The Lodge at Black Pearl Cookbook by Vicky Mullaney. Black Pearl Farms consists of 870 acres of land in Dorchester County, Maryland with over five miles of waterfront and a couple hundred acres of flooded cropland. Each year they brush 32 blinds on the water or in flooded impoundments.… read more

Food news antipasto

Our first news comes to us via Food Tank, where writer Jonathan Ribich brings us the story of the award-winning documentary called The Kitchenistas. This film "follows the lives of women leading a movement in Southern California to reconnect their community to healthy, traditional foods." Women who participate in the bilingual culinary program called Cooking for Salud at Olivewood Gardens in National City,… read more

July 2022 EYB Cookbook Club Summary

Each month we offer at least four cooking options in our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club. This month we have been cooking from: Cookbook: Milk Street: The World in a Skillet by Christopher Kimball or any of Kimball’s Milk Street titlesBaking: Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe by Joanne Chang and Christie MathesonOnline: Any Christopher Kimball online recipe or Joanne Chang For past EYB Cookbook Club summaries, #EYBCookbookClub will… read more

Diana Kennedy, champion of Mexican cuisine, has died age 99

We have just learned that Diana Kennedy, who reigns as one of the top authors in the EYB Library, holding two of the top ten spots for Mexican cookbooks, has died at the age of 99. Born in England, Kennedy moved to Mexico in the 1950s with her husband Paul. Once there, she began to chronicle Mexican cooking and plant life.… read more

The Bear is this season’s must-watch food show

Forget reality television, drama is where it's at right now with respect to food programming. At least according to Helen Rosner and my food-loving friends who live in Chicago, who highly recommend The Bear, which is streaming on FX and Hulu. The Bear is a fictionalized account of a top-tier chef who leave's the "world's best" restaurant in NYC to… read more

This week: Looking before we leap; EYBD cookbook previews; recipes and more

I had another topic planned for this week's roundup but after coming across a video I have flipped the script. Amanda Rettke author of Homestead Recipes (April 2020) and Surprise-Inside Cakes (March 2014) and the voice behind the popular blog I am Baker and other spin-offs, posted a tearful video which I viewed on Wednesday. In late June, Amanda shared… read more
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