The Great British Bake Off/Baking Show – Week 6 – Halloween

Were there tricks or treats for the bakers this week? It was a Halloween themed bake off which I couldn't help but think of past contestant Helena Garcia being an ideal baker for this particular week. Garcia wrote The Wicked Baker: Cakes and Treats to Die For in 2020. The contestants dressed up a bit for the Halloween special with… read more

This week: Searching recipe titles; Waitrose Winter Food & Drink Festival; Roku Food programming; recipes and more

Recently, a member asked why he couldn't search EYB Recipes by a particular word in the title as you can on Google. For example: title:carrots will pull up search results with the word carrot in the title, not just recipes with carrots as an ingredient. You can do the same thing here on EYB. Go the Library tab, choose Recipes,… read more

Are more grocery store woes on the way?

I am beginning to feel a bit like Debbie Downer when I post stories like these, but I also believe they contain information that is pertinent to our Members. Yesterday Jenny clued me in to another report saying that shoppers can expect shortages and even higher prices in grocery stores just as the holiday cooking and baking season begins. This… read more

The 40 rules all GBBO contestants must follow

I admit that I am a GBBO junkie - I follow contestants on Instagram, watch the program religiously, and often bake recipes published when the shows air. So when I saw a link that talked about the 40 rules that all GBBO contestants must follow, I clicked on it almost reflexively. Most of them are obvious, but some were enlightening.… read more

Revisiting an online vintage cookbook archive

Over six years ago, I wrote about the Cookbook and Home Economics Collection at the Internet Archive and its impressive section of cookery books. Previously the catalog drew from works housed by the Young Research Library Department of Special Collections at UCLA, the Bancroft Library at The University of California, Berkeley, and the Prelinger Library. Today the archive has additional sources including libraries around… read more

The Instant Kitchen Cookbook: Fast and Easy Family Meals Using Your Instant Pot and Air Fryer Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US/CA/UK giveaway to win one of three copies of The Instant Kitchen Cookbook: Fast and Easy Family Meals Using Your Instant Pot and Air Fryer by Coco Morante. Coco Morante is an expert in both Instant Pot and air fryer cookery with seven books devoted to those types of cooking. In her latest book which is fully authorized… read more

Food news antipasto

If it feels like your grocery budget is on a never-ending upward climb, you are far from alone. Inflation on food products is near or has passed double digits year over year in many places, and people are looking for ways to save on their food bill. The Washington Post recently wrote about five ways to save when grocery shopping,… read more

The Great British Bake Off/Baking Show – Week 5 – Desserts Week

It's dessert week - or pud week - in the tent. Signature: 8 individual steamed puddings in 2 hours served with an accompaniment of their choice. Carole spent a great deal of time saying "flipping hell" before burning her plums, after burning her plums, after adding lukewarm water and not hot enough was just a flipping hell. This error… read more

Observer Food Monthly 2022 Award winners

Cookbook cover image for Nistisima by Georgina Hayden
At a gala event on October 13, Observer Food Monthly magazine announced the winners of its 2022 awards. The bulk of the honors were given to restaurants and bars, but cookbooks and food writers were also fêted at the event. Awards of interest to our Members include: The Observer Food Monthly icon award - Delia SmithBest new cookbook - Nistisima: The Secret… read more

This week: Baking classes, author events, recipes, EYBD Previews and more

The October cookbook review is sapping all my time along with managing the indexing of books and working on loads of future promotions for our Members. Accordingly, this week's roundup will be short and sweet. As I was creating the outline for the cookbook review - I updated our Calendar. Recently added events include those for: Erin Jeanne McDowell; Naomi… read more

Butter boards spawn new trends

Overhead shot of a portion of a wooden serving board with handle topped with bowls of olives and cheese, plus melon balls, nectarine slices, folded salami and proscuitto slices, toasted baguette slices, and basil leaves for garnish. Bamboo skewers are off to the left side of the board, which rests on a marble surface. A small pitcher of sauce is on the right.
A few weeks ago I wrote about the TikTok trend of butter boards. As often happens with viral trends, this has produced plenty of copycats. Apparently concept of smearing a tasty dip onto a serving platter and surrounding it with vegetables appeals to a broad audience, because now there are not only butter boards, but hummus boards, Nutella boards and… read more

An ode to baking books

Cookbook covers for Gateau by Aleksandra Crapanzano and The Italian Baker by Carol Field
Ever since I was a young girl, baking has been an important part of my life - I inherited the baking gene from my mother, who abhors cooking but will gladly whip up a batch of cookies, cream puffs, or bars at the drop of a hat. So it's no surprise that in my modest (compared to many of our… read more

November Great Big Cookbook Club Summary

As our members know, each month we offer several cooking options in our Eat Your Books Cookbook Club. There are other fun cookbook clubs around the interwebs and we’d like to highlight those for those members who might want to cook or bake something other than our choices.  We want to get this information out to you so you can prepare… read more

Deviled eggs go upscale

One of the biggest restaurant food trends this year involves an ever-popular potluck and party staple, the humble deviled egg. Of course restaurants aren't going to serve just a plain deviled egg, as good as it may be. They are adding all kinds of bling and flair to zhush them up, as Epicurious explains. Chefs aren't just playing around with… read more

New European Baking – Cookbook & Emile Henry Bread Cloche Giveaway and Quick Bites

Enter our US/UK/CA giveaway to win one of three copies of New European Baking: 99 Recipes for Breads, Brioches and Pastries by Laurel Kratochvila with one US winner also receiving an Emile Henry modern bread cloche. Be sure to check Laurel's events to see if she will be near you! New European Baking: 99 Recipes for Breads, Brioches and Pastries by… read more

Food news antipasto

Country music legend Loretta Lynn passed away earlier this week at age 90. While millions appreciated her impressive singing and songwriting career - where she inserted sometimes controversial feminist viewpoints into a conservative, male-dominated industry - fewer people realize that she was also a talented home cook. She wrote a cookbook in 2004 called You're Cookin' It Country: My Favorite… read more

The Great British Bake Off/Baking Show – Week 4 – Mexican Week

We're back in the tent with all the bakers for Mexican week. You will recall last week, bread week, that no one was sent home due to Rebs and Abdul both being ill. This episode was a missed opportunity to teach viewers about Mexican desserts/bakes but instead an hour riddled with insensitive comments/props which demonstrated a clear lack of knowledge… read more

The last two weeks: Open call for James Beard entries, who is Linda Skeens, cookbook news, recipes and more

The entry period has begun for James Beard submissions. Please see this post for more detailed information. If you are an author or publisher and have any questions about this process, please email me at Who is Linda Skeens? In June the memes were flying all over social media regarding the prize winning champion of the Virginia State Fair.… read more

Using up fresh herbs

We will have our first frost tonight, so after work this evening I scrambled to harvest the tender items that will not survive freezing temperatures. This included plucking some green tomatoes and bringing in a lot of herbs. Finding ways to use or preserve this abundance of things like mint, oregano, chives, and basil can be a challenge, so I… read more

Apple season is the sweetest

In much of the Northern Hemisphere, fall is in the air with crisp morning air and blazing color on the trees. As the days shorten and we march inexorably toward the dark days of winter, there are a few respites along the way, chief among them the flavors of autumn, especially apples. If you live anywhere near an apple growing… read more

Open call for James Beard Media Awards

On October 4th, the Media Awards (Book, Broadcast Media, and Journalism) announced its Open Call for Entries. Each entry requires an entry fee of $75. At any time during the entire call for entry, Media Awards entrants who state a financial need may have the fee waived. This year there are some additional categories available in Book Awards: The Writing category… read more

Pierogi by Zuza Zak – Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ giveaway to win one of three copies of Pierogi: Over 50 Recipes to Create Perfect Polish Dumplings by Zuza Zak. Pierogi: Over 50 Recipes to Create Perfect Polish Dumplings by Zuza Zak is divided into ten chapters across 50 recipes. In North, South, East, West and Central we delve deep into the regions of Poland, along with the dumplings, traditions… read more

The Complete Chinese Takeout Cookbook Giveaway

Enter our US/UK/AU/NZ giveaway to win one of three copies of The Complete Chinese Takeout Cookbook: Over 200 Takeout Favorites to Make at Home by Kwoklyn Wan. I cannot tell you how much I love The Complete Chinese Takeout Cookbook: Over 200 Favorite Chinese Recipes to Make at Home by Kwoklyn Wan. It will be my go-to for easy Chinese “takeout”… read more

Comfort food history: the story of mac and cheese

If any one dish typified the term 'comfort food' it would have to be macaroni and cheese. Many of us grew up on the stuff, whether from a box or, if you were lucky, made from scratch with lots of cheesy goodness. Ours was a "blue box" family, and it is one of the first foods I was able to… read more

Food news antipasto

When Instagram debuted, the social media platform brimmed with carefully curated, dramatic, gorgeous photos. Food was no exception to this aestheticism, and scores of bloggers attracted huge audiences based on their stunning food photography. Recently, however, the 'grams look a bit different. There's a new sheriff in town when it comes to Instagram food, explains Eater's Bettina Makalintal, who observes… read more
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