Test your breakfast “Eat-Q”

  Gobs of quizzes on every subject imaginable pop up in my news feed on a daily basis. I am not usually tempted by many of them - that is, unless they involve food. Then I might take a peek. When the source of the quiz is the James Beard Foundation, of course I will click away. The JBF has just posted a… read more

The best cookbook recipes, period

  Everyone has tried-and-true recipes that they reach for over and over again. But even in this list a few stand above the others, recipes that speak to us on a deep level and have forever changed our cooking. The pages of the cookbooks in which they reside are trained to fall open to the precise page, which contains evidence… read more

Why you should be treating your vegetables like meat

Cooks have developed a plethora of methods to transform meat into something delicious. Brining, curing, and smoking are just three techniques that can add flavor to and enhance the texture of meats. But we shouldn't limit these methods to meat, we should also be applying them to get the most out of our vegetables, says Bon Appétit. The magazine lists… read more

An online vintage cookbook extravaganza

  If the thought of perusing thousands of cookery books dating back 50 to 100 years or more gives you a tingle of anticipation, you should definitely visit the Cookbook and Home Economics Collection at the Internet Archive. The catalog includes vintage volumes drawn from  the Young Research Library Department of Special Collections at UCLA, the Bancroft Library at The… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

Do you find other people's comments on recipes helpful? Have you written your own recipe Notes? It's a great way to remind yourself how a dish turned out and share your experience with the EYB community. On each Recipe Details page you'll find a Notes tab. Adding online recipes to your EYB Bookshelf is a really great way to expand… read more

Why some people hate cilantro

  Cilantro is one food that sharply divides people. A small portion of eaters despise the herb, claiming that it tastes like soap and ruins any dish that it touches, while others enjoy the bright herbal flavor it adds to food. In the past couple of years, scientists have made considerable process in understanding why some people can't stand cilantro. The answer is apparently in… read more

What a literary agent looks for in a cookbook

  Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in cookbook publishing? Food writer and former editor Dianne Jacob sure knows. She knows the industry inside and out and shares her knowledge through her blog Will Write for Food. Dianne recently interviewed literary agent Lori Galvin, who formerly worked on the team that produced over 70 cookbooks for… read more

Review of The Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook by Salma Hage

Salma Hage is a professional English cook with 30 years of experience under her belt. At home, however, she has cooked her native Lebanese dishes for the past fifty plus years. Her debut cookbook, The Lebanese Kitchen, was well received and lauded by many sources. A huge volume with 500 recipes, it might well be the definitive cookbook on Lebanese… read more

Gordon Ramsay’s list of ‘must-know’ dishes

  Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recently participated in a Reddit AMA in connection with the launch of his new mobile game. As one would expect in an AMA ("ask me anything") the conversation veered away from promotion of the app, allowing fans to get a glimpse into the mind of the sometimes controversial chef. A Reddit user named Tortoist asked… read more

How summertime can make you a better cook

  Ah, summertime. We tend to spend a lot more time outside soaking in the sun, and the kitchen can be a real hot zone. Both of these can lead to challenges in our meal planning and cooking endeavors., which can actually be a good thing, says indexed blog The Kitchn. They give us five examples of how summer can… read more

Tips for grilling to make your cookout fantastic

  Much of the US will spend the better part of tomorrow outside, and the bulk of people doing so will likely be grilling. If your grill plans needs a little help, we've assembled several tips to make sure your cookout is as good as can be. First up is a tip from Epicurious on the best ways to quickly… read more

Author of ‘The Food Lab’ accuses Buzzfeed of “idea theft”

  If you follow J. Kenji López-Alt's Twitter feed, you probably know that he has a serious beef with Buzzfeed's food site, Tasty. In a series of tweets, he claimed that the website had basically stolen his recipe for halal-cart style chicken (pictured above) without giving him any credit for it. "If you watch @BuzzFeed @tasty videos, you are supporting… read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

At Eat Your Books we want to bring you the best recipes - our dedicated team searches out and finds online recipes excerpted from newly indexed cookbooks and magazines. New recipes from the best blogs are indexed daily and members index their favorite online recipes using the Bookmarklet all the time. Below you'll find this week's recommendations from the EYB… read more

Punch up your next gathering

  Do you have a punch bowl gathering dust in the back of your cupboard? Perhaps you only trot it out during the holidays, but you might find some new uses for it as punches enjoy a mini-revival among mixologists. The Wall Street Journal examines the renewed interest in punch as a go-to party beverage. Instead of spending precious time… read more
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