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soft boiled eggs 

Gobs of quizzes on every subject imaginable pop up in my news feed on a daily basis. I am not usually tempted by many of them – that is, unless they involve food. Then I might take a peek. When the source of the quiz is the James Beard Foundation, of course I will click away. The JBF has just posted a ten-question quiz on breakfast that might be a bit more challenging than the standard clickbait variety.

The quiz contained plenty of history and trivia, with questions like “When was the first recipe for an egg sandwich published?” The possible answers were a) 1925, b) 1950, c) 1897, or d) 1776. (Sorry, no spoilers!) If you know which breakfast treats were regulated by which French monarchs, or which country consumes the most doughnuts per capita, you’ll do a lot better than I did.

Take the quiz and if you are brave, let everyone know how you did in the comments. I hope you perform better than my meager 40% score.

Photo of Soft-boiled eggs from DeliaOnline.com by Delia Smith

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  • hillsboroks  on  July 13, 2016

    This little quiz was fun! I managed to get 50% but would have gotten a couple more if I hadn't tried to outthink myself. My hint is to go with your first thought as your answer.

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