This week: Holiday events, recipes, giveaways and more

How did it get to be December already? I am not ready for this year to be winding down. Where is the pause button? This roundup will share some calendar highlights specifically with regard to the holidays and news from the last few weeks. A reminder that Procrastibaking Podcast has invited our Members to join them on December 11th at 3:00… read more

This week: EYB helpful hints, a virtual Christmas party, recipes and more

This week we are sharing a few helpful hints. A Member recently emailed that they had enjoyed reading a particular Member's Notes and wanted to know if it was possible to read other notes by that Member. The answer is yes. If you are reading a Note on a book, click on the Member name and the profile of that… read more

The last two weeks: 12,000 books indexed; Knead Peace; events; recipes and more

This weekend Eat Your Books celebrated another milestone. Due to the incredible work of our professional and member indexers, we have exceeded 12,000 indexed books! As of this date that number is 12,024! Thank you to all our indexers for their hard work and dedication. Our Calendar has been updated with events for André Darlington (Bar Menu), Borough Market Cookbook… read more

This week: Searching recipe titles; Waitrose Winter Food & Drink Festival; Roku Food programming; recipes and more

Recently, a member asked why he couldn't search EYB Recipes by a particular word in the title as you can on Google. For example: title:carrots will pull up search results with the word carrot in the title, not just recipes with carrots as an ingredient. You can do the same thing here on EYB. Go the Library tab, choose Recipes,… read more

This week: Baking classes, author events, recipes, EYBD Previews and more

The October cookbook review is sapping all my time along with managing the indexing of books and working on loads of future promotions for our Members. Accordingly, this week's roundup will be short and sweet. As I was creating the outline for the cookbook review - I updated our Calendar. Recently added events include those for: Erin Jeanne McDowell; Naomi… read more

The last two weeks: Open call for James Beard entries, who is Linda Skeens, cookbook news, recipes and more

The entry period has begun for James Beard submissions. Please see this post for more detailed information. If you are an author or publisher and have any questions about this process, please email me at Who is Linda Skeens? In June the memes were flying all over social media regarding the prize winning champion of the Virginia State Fair.… read more

This week: A few Feature reminders, recipes, EYBD Previews and more

This week we are going to cover a few reminders for our Members. The first one with regard to the Bookmarklet feature here at EYB. Whenever you see a recipe on a food website that you like the look of, you can add it to your Bookshelf using the EYB Bookmarklet. Go to your Home Page. Drag the Bookmarklet and drop it on to… read more

This week: Baking, baking, and more baking; recipes; EYBD Previews and more

It must be the promise of autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere and the fact that The Great British Bake Off is back, because my mind has been on all things baking. Billionaire’s tart from Jane’s Patisserie I came across this article that features the best 100 baking blogs and websites to follow which also includes links to vegan, eggless, paleo, pie… read more

This week: Cookie season is nearly upon us; recipes; EYBD Previews; giveaways and more

Brian Hart Hoffman recently shared his schedule at Williams-Sonoma for this autumn which we have added to our Calendar. He has planned a number of special guests with loads of baked goodness planned. We have also added book tours for the following authors: Deb Perelman for Smitten Kitchen Keepers; Michael Twitty for KosherSoul; and Laurel Kratochvila for New European Baking… read more

The last two weeks: GBBO start date; Dorie’s new free baking group; Cedric Grolet; EYBD previews and more

The Great British Bake Off is scheduled to be back on UK screens on September 13th! Netflix has also confirmed that season 13 (labeled as collection 10) will be airing in North America on the Friday after each new UK episode as they have done the last two years. Credit: Channel 4 Speaking of baking, Rick Rodgers has announced his… read more

This week: GBBO news; free app with lifestyle programming to launch soon; recipes; previews and more

Great American Media will be launching a new free app, Great American Community, on September 26th, 2022. The app will introduce viewers to 15 original short-form series, each headlined by well-known lifestyle experts and TV stars. The 15 exclusive shows will feature “fresh advice and inspirational stories from each host,” including fan-favorite actors Danica McKellar, Cameron Mathison, Trevor Donovan, Jill… read more

This week: Bake from Scratch on demand classes; James Beard broadcast; EYBD Previews; recipes and more

We are entering the busiest time of the year with all the fall/autumn cookbooks on the roster to be indexed and reviewed - see links to Previews below; I have already started working on the 2023 preview listing of cookbooks; we are adding new magazines to our Library for our members - Waitrose Weekend and just starting The Pioneer Woman… read more

The last two weeks: Part II of fall/autumn preview; recipes; giveaways and more

This week will be a short and sweet roundup as it contains two weeks worth of articles, blog posts and recently indexed cookbooks. Our team has been knocking out older and new cookbooks weekly. Below we feature just a few of those newly indexed titles. If you wish to see what other books have recently been indexed click on this… read more

This week: Looking before we leap; EYBD cookbook previews; recipes and more

I had another topic planned for this week's roundup but after coming across a video I have flipped the script. Amanda Rettke author of Homestead Recipes (April 2020) and Surprise-Inside Cakes (March 2014) and the voice behind the popular blog I am Baker and other spin-offs, posted a tearful video which I viewed on Wednesday. In late June, Amanda shared… read more

This week: Pastry obsession; fall/autumn preview (baking titles); EYBD Previews; giveaways and more

This week I prepared Part I of the fall/autumn cookbook preview: baking titles and will have Part II ready in the next few weeks. All the baking and pastry cookbooks have me super excited to find some time to get back to baking. I have been a fan of Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko for some time. She studied to… read more

The last two weeks: Looking forward to new releases, author events, EYBD cookbook previews, giveaways, recipes and more

I am still working on my Fall/Autumn preview - more pdfs are arriving daily and I promise to have it ready for you next week. For a sneak peek: Claudia Fleming's Delectable: Sweet & Savory Baking is everything and more that one would expect from the author of the iconic The Last Course: The Desserts of Gramercy Tavern; Claire Saffitz'… read more

This week: When good cookbooks do bad things; EYBD Previews of upcoming releases; recipes; and more

I have been buried - figuratively and almost literally - in managing the indexing of books and magazines along with my regular duties. I am loving the new work. I tell you this to explain a little about why things got so bad. Read on. For this roundup, instead of some well-thought-out words on a particular recipe or cuisine -… read more

This week: Sainsbury’s Magazine and Fork Over Knives; recipes; cookbook previews and giveaways

We are on the cusp of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere - which usually means a bit of a slow down on cookbook releases. But work has not slowed down for us at Eat Your Books. Gathering fall/autumn books to begin indexing; working on indexing two more magazines for our Members - the first one Sainsbury's Magazine and the… read more

This week: James Beard Awards weekend in Chicago; recipes; EYBD Previews and more

As you are reading this week's roundup, Jane, Darcie and I are headed to Chicago for the James Beard Media Awards ceremony on Saturday night at Columbia College Chicago. We are looking forward to some great food, seeing familiar and new faces, and lots of cookbook love. We'll be tweeting results live and doing our usual awards post. (Update: Friday… read more

The last two weeks: New Feature: Adding a book; identifying eBooks on EYB; cookbook previews and giveaways

It has been a busy week at EYB! Jane announced our latest new feature: Adding a book to the EYB Library (our post shares details and instructions.) So far things have been going great, but a few notes/reminders: Please follow our format for Title and Subtitle using caps e.g Noodle Worship: Easy Recipes for All the Dishes You Crave from… read more

This week: Mochi makes everything better, recipes, EYBD Previews and more

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and sometimes other ingredients such as water, sugar, and cornstarch. This treat dates back to ancient China with the sweet paste making its way to Japan at the end of the Jōmon period (c. 14,000–300 BCE). In February, I came across the Mochinut donut and wrote about… read more

This week: EYB Features, The Art of Eating prize, Fortnum & Mason Food Awards; recipes, giveaways and EYBD Previews

Last week, Jane announced that the search of your own Notes feature was live. Be sure to visit this post to learn more: Search your own Notes. This week we want to remind our members about our Bookmarklet feature. Whenever you see a recipe on a food website that you like the look of, you can add it to your… read more

The last two weeks: Adding books to your Bookshelf, Food Season is back at The British Library and more

For our new members, we want to review adding books to your Bookshelf. A member asked recently why the US edition of a UK book was not listed in the Library. It was but was linked to the edition we indexed. Here's an example of how it works: Claudia Roden’s Mediterranean: Treasured Recipes from a Lifetime of Travel is the US… read more

This week: The Bake Fest; giveaways update; tips for organizing your cookbook collection, and more

A member sent us information regarding The Bake Fest (Sat, May 21, 2022 8:30 AM - Sun, May 22, 2022 8:00 PM CDT) an event where you will be able to network with over 2,000 bakers from around the world as well as favorite brands through virtual networking lounges and live interactive sessions. Highlights of the event: 25+ Hours of… read more

This week: 1,300 EYBD Previews; special virtual Diaspora cooking class; giveaway updates; recipes and more

In last week's roundup, we shared that we had just uploaded our 1,296th EYBD Previews. Somehow, number 1,300 sneaked up on us and now we are at 1,306 total Previews! All of our EYB numbers continue to rise: As of this writing we have 2,228,024 indexed Recipes (370,844 of those Online); 11,334 indexed Books; (with over 608 indexing now); 80… read more
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