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I had another topic planned for this week’s roundup but after coming across a video I have flipped the script. Amanda Rettke author of Homestead Recipes (April 2020) and Surprise-Inside Cakes (March 2014) and the voice behind the popular blog I am Baker and other spin-offs, posted a tearful video which I viewed on Wednesday.

In late June, Amanda shared a recipe on her blog for Cherry pie bombs made in the air fryer. In the narrative of the recipe, she also gives instructions on how to make these treats in the oven if one is without an air fryer. Apparently, there was an uproar about her lack of consideration about not including the instructions on baking these treats in the oven. But, wait, she had.

The air fryer recipe was included in the “recipe card” on the site – but the instructions for oven baking as well as other helpful information such as how to freeze the treats were included in the body of the relatively short post. Meaning, there was no excessive narrative to dig through to find those instructions. I didn’t see all the hateful comments but apparently there were many complaints which lead to Amanda having to block IP addresses, etc. Even in her video, she is still being gracious and offering kindness instead of lashing out. I’m not so kind – I leave a trail of ash when I am wrongly accused. This could explain why I am not a popular blogger or even why I am not invited to many parties. (Wink.)

Even if the full instructions were not included, the recipe called for biscuits and pie filling and a novice sleuth could perform a simple google search that would provide a wealth of information. But again, I stress that the detailed instructions were in the blog post beneath larger font title headings.

I point this incident out because it makes me sad. Sad, that folks jump to nasty comments and berate a blogger who is providing a recipe on her site for free. But even sadder that so many people just don’t read (or even scan) a post before they jump to conclusions. Maybe I expect too much from humankind. I probably do. In actuality all I hope for is that humans will be kind to each other. Life is short, make the pie pops.

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  • averythingcooks  on  July 22, 2022

    In whose world is deemed appropriate / acceptable to go after / lash out at a person providing free recipes on a blog?? This story makes me sad and angry at the same time. There is a reason that my online presence is restricted to one place and one place only (big hint…’s here 🙂

  • janecooksamiracle  on  July 23, 2022

    Whole list of people like that:

  • Rinshin  on  July 24, 2022

    There sure are lots of crazies out there. This one had me say a-ha. “Subbed honey with agave nectar because I’m a Millennial.”

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