Curd is the word

Early on in the pandemic I started stocking up on food in case panic buying hit another frenzy. The trouble is, I didn’t do a great job of inventory management or organization which led to some redundant purchases, including an abundance of lemons. While citrus fruits do keep well, there are limits on how long they will last. (If you are faced with a citrus overload, please be wary of articles that suggest storing them in water. It was a disaster for me.) When life hands you too many lemons, you could zest and juice the fruits and stick them in the freezer, but an even better idea is to make lemon curd.

As the Epicurious article points out, lemon curd is just the starting point. You can make curd from any citrus fruit, but that still doesn’t cover the range of fruits that you can ‘curdify’. You can use just about any tart fruit, although some, such as mangoes and berries, may need a boost from citrus. Others such as cranberry, passionfruit, and rhubarb make excellent choices for curd without any assistance.

The linked article offers the basic method to get you started, and also provides suggestions for added flavors like ginger and mint to take your curd to the next level. Use the recipes from Epicurious, or try one of these Member favorites from the EYB Library:

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