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We are pleased to share a promotion for our third EYBD Book, Just a French Guy Cooking: Easy Recipes and Kitchen Hacks for Rookies by Alexis Gabriel Ainouz, today on its publication day. 

Just a French Guy Cooking journals the cooking exploits of Alex who just wants us to have fun cooking. His wildly popular You Tube channel has nearly 800,000 subscribers mainly due to his endearing style and his passion for food. There are 90 of his favorite recipes in his wonderfully photographed debut book that will appeal to those wanting to learn how to cook and those, like myself, that appreciate another (youthful) approach to the classics. 

You will enjoy his enthusiam for teaching with sections entitled:  “French crepes, you can do this”, “Four ways to instantly upgrade ramen” or “12 dried herbs that will make you a chef”. Those portions of the book along with the countless hacks and tips sprinkled throughout make this title a delightful and informative cookbook. His spirit is contagious and I find myself nearly at midnight fighing the urge to head to the kitchen to make a crepe. 

The novice cook will find value in this highly accessible book as will the seasoned cook. I admit, even with decades of cooking experience (yikes), that I can appreciate a fresh approach to cooking the classics and learning new dishes that will become classics. Alex is a fountain of useful information. The author has a few events added to our calendar.

Our   will take you inside this title which takes a fun and approachable look at French cuisine. This preview highlights the following recipes in  :


If you have already bought Just a French Guy Cooking: Easy Recipes and Kitchen Hacks for Rookies or do so before December 5th, 2018, register here (be sure you have a photo of your receipt or screenshot from your online order ready to upload). Once your purchase has been verified, this button  will appear on the book on your Bookshelf next to the title and will take you to the digital access for this gorgeous book. Below are screenshots showing how these features will appear.  





Special thanks to Quadrille Publishing for working with us on this special feature as well as providing three copies of this book in our giveaway below. Just a reminder Copenhagen Food: Stories, Traditions and Recipes by Trine Hahnemann will be released on October 2nd, 2018 and is a part of our EYBD program as well. The preview for this title is located here 


The publisher is offering three copies of this book to EYB Members in the US, UK, AU and NZ. One of the entry options is to answer the following question in the comments section of this blog post.

Which recipe in the index would you try first?

Please note that you must be logged into the Rafflecopter contest before posting or your entry won’t be counted. For more information on this process, please see our step-by-step help post. Be sure to check your spam filters to receive our email notifications. Prizes can take up to 6 weeks to arrive from the publishers. If you are not already a Member, you can join at no cost. The contest ends at midnight on October 23rd, 2018.

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  • bakeswithlove2369  on  September 6, 2018

    omg there are way too many to choose from…probably the croissant or pains au chocolat as I have made them the hard way.

  • vickster  on  September 6, 2018

    A crash course in Ramen

  • sarahawker  on  September 6, 2018

    Sourdough bread recipe for normal people

  • lauriesk  on  September 6, 2018

    I would try the Ratatouille quiche

  • kmn4  on  September 6, 2018

    Jewelled Persian rice

  • janv  on  September 6, 2018

    4 eggs en cocotte: with mushrooms

  • Thrasymachus  on  September 6, 2018

    Polenta clafoutis

  • grussellt  on  September 6, 2018

    Tarte Normande ticks all the boxes.

  • MiMi60  on  September 6, 2018

    Ratatouille quiche

  • lean1  on  September 6, 2018

    Tunisian snack!

  • aesgemini529  on  September 6, 2018

    Japanese stuffed omelette!

  • LaurenE  on  September 6, 2018

    Jewelled Persian rice

  • lapsapchung  on  September 7, 2018

    "Sort of" ayam, which includes lots of my favourite ingredients

  • sarahshan  on  September 7, 2018

    You've been doing it all wrong scrambled eggs !

  • sgump  on  September 7, 2018

    Love the idea of the "eye-opening mapo tofu" (for vegetarians)!

  • tennyogirl  on  September 7, 2018

    Japanese stuffed omelet

  • jmay42066  on  September 7, 2018

    Pulled pork hachis Parmentier

  • choppergirl  on  September 7, 2018

    Tokyo ramen

  • davisesq212  on  September 7, 2018

    I want to try the his go-to buttermilk pancakes

  • luccio  on  September 8, 2018

    Tarte Normande

  • C_Richardson  on  September 8, 2018

    All of the omelettes! I could not chose just one because I love eggs!

  • RSW  on  September 8, 2018

    Parisian pizza

  • camerashy131  on  September 8, 2018

    An unforgivable French take on fish 'n' chips

  • JJWong  on  September 8, 2018

    I love eggs! I want to try all the egg recipes such as the Japanese stuffed omelette and every other omelette recipe! I'm so hungry right now.

  • BMeyer  on  September 8, 2018

    fake croissants

  • GillB  on  September 9, 2018


  • cherylp59  on  September 9, 2018

    Ooh so many things look good ! Fake croissants seems like a good place to start 🙂

  • Sablebombe  on  September 9, 2018

    It would definitely be the Good karma korma – it was a toss up between the Vindaloo and the Korma – the Korma won as it is milder and creamier for my son and not all my friends like their mouth on fire!!!

  • Greenfingers3  on  September 9, 2018

    Chocolate Tart

  • jd5761  on  September 9, 2018

    Tarte Normande for me

  • rchesser  on  September 9, 2018

    The Jeweled Persian Rice.

  • southerncooker  on  September 9, 2018

    One of the 4 eggs en cocotte: especially the Kimchi one and the mushroom one.

  • mpdeb98  on  September 9, 2018

    Fake pains au chocolat

  • RickPearson54  on  September 10, 2018

    Parisian pizza

  • EmilyR  on  September 11, 2018

    Baked caramelized miso aubergines

  • matag  on  September 11, 2018

    French crêpes: you can do this

  • cake17uk  on  September 11, 2018

    Pulled pork hachis Parmentier

  • debbiehb  on  September 12, 2018

    Magic-crust quiche Lorraine

  • jenmatt  on  September 12, 2018

    4 eggs en cocotte: with kimchi

  • kkohle  on  September 12, 2018

    I would start with ramen, maybe Sapporo miso ramen

  • ejsimpson  on  September 12, 2018

    Picture-perfect eggs meurette

  • etcjm  on  September 13, 2018

    Polenta pancakes

  • Siegal  on  September 13, 2018

    I want to make Tokyo Raman

  • smartie101  on  September 13, 2018

    chocolate tart

  • ravensfan  on  September 13, 2018

    Cheeky shakshuka

  • jennymnyc  on  September 14, 2018

    A convenient onion soup

  • SamanthaV  on  September 14, 2018

    First up would be to try out those Fake croissants and pains au chocolat. Yum!

  • lpatterson412  on  September 14, 2018

    I want to try the ramen upgrades!! Haha!! Love it!

  • uk2nl  on  September 15, 2018

    One pot yogurt cake.

  • SallyCristina  on  September 15, 2018

    Magic-crust quiche Lorraine

  • SallyCristina  on  September 15, 2018

    4 eggs en cocotte: like a carbonara

  • SallyCristina  on  September 15, 2018

    The weekly Chinese fried rice

  • Julia77  on  September 16, 2018

    Polenta clafoutis

  • LSanders  on  September 16, 2018

    Jewelled Persian rice

  • Ishtar  on  September 17, 2018

    Jewelled Persian rice

  • GregH  on  September 17, 2018

    Japanese stuffed omelette

  • Dannausc  on  September 21, 2018

    Tokyo ramen

  • t.t  on  September 21, 2018

    Tunisian snack

  • Sylvanaria  on  September 22, 2018


  • sunset34  on  September 23, 2018

    Middle-kingdom roast chicken

  • banba1  on  September 24, 2018

    well, i think my scrambled eggs are great, so i'd be curious to try the "you've been doing it all wrong" scrambled eggs and see what that's all about!

  • maci234  on  September 25, 2018

    Middle-kingdom roast chicken

  • eatysmith  on  September 27, 2018


  • soffner  on  September 28, 2018

    Tokyo Ramen. I love ramen and would like to be able to make my own. The only restaurant that makes good ramen is a half hour drive from me.

  • Laura1  on  September 29, 2018

    polenta pancakes

  • RuthHarwood  on  September 30, 2018

    Jewelled Persian rice

  • clairew137  on  September 30, 2018

    Polenta clafoutis

  • Gillian.Hitchen  on  October 1, 2018

    Tokyo Ramen

  • MamaEnki  on  October 2, 2018

    middle kingdom roast chicken

  • Sand9  on  October 3, 2018

    Tokyo Ramen x

  • gden  on  October 8, 2018


  • silversand  on  October 11, 2018

    Baguette ball soup

  • zeenie  on  October 14, 2018

    Japanese stuffed omelette

  • angiemac18  on  October 14, 2018

    Tokyo ramen

  • sheridarby  on  October 14, 2018

    Tarte Normande

  • GRIFTERASSASIN  on  October 16, 2018

    Japanese stuffed omelette

  • frenchyturner  on  October 16, 2018

    I'd like to try the Instant French kimchi. I loved the stuff when I went to Korea but wouldn't have a clue how to make it myself

  • HannahLI  on  October 16, 2018

    Fake croissants look awesome!

  • carolann99  on  October 16, 2018

    Sourdough bread recipe for normal people sounds great

  • DimensionAEB  on  October 16, 2018

    The Tarte Normande sounds great!

  • maria411  on  October 16, 2018

    Japanese stuffed omelette

  • orchidlady01  on  October 21, 2018

    4 eggs en cocotte: with kimchi

  • auntietina  on  October 23, 2018

    Frisée salad with bacon bits, croûtons and a maple syrup dressing

  • bopper  on  October 23, 2018

    Omelette-Pepin-style would be my choice – sounds very tasty

  • kaivulagi  on  October 23, 2018

    Japanese stuffed omelette.

  • stevenpeters  on  October 23, 2018

    Tokyo ramen.

  • lgroom  on  October 23, 2018

    Tunisian snack

  • marsmomma  on  October 23, 2018

    Jewelled Persian rice

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