Eat Your Books Cookbook Club Monthly Roundup

Last month, we announced the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club – an online cooking group. More information is available on our introduction post.

We have already scheduled out the rest of the year as follows:

In November, I will set up a poll in the group asking for suggestions for 2018 books. Lastly, please remember when you post in our group – to also upload a photo and notes to your bookshelf here at Eat Your Books –  learn more.

Members have been busy in the group and I hope you will enjoy this roundup of our activities. To provide a little history, I’m going to include a few photos and comments from our August and September.

In August, one of our options was any recipe from Nigella Lawson books. Maree R. shared a collage of all the dishes she made that month!

September rolled around and Bread Toast Crumbs was our main book and there was lots of love for this book. More information can be found on this title in my review post which shares a delicious recipe for Frittata with mustard croutons and fontina.

Lisa S made a gorgeous loaf of Cinnamon-swirl bread with raisins and states that “This bread is a treat (and those rum soaked raisins didn’t hurt”! (Jenny’s note: Why do you think pirates are always happy? Yo-ho-ho!)


Lindsay, an editor at Food52 is a member of our club, and made several recipes from BTC including the Cinnamon-sugar monkey bread. Lindsay says, “This was too delicious to bother with doing a restrained artistic drizzle — I went ahead and used all of the icing. My only tiny (tasty!) tweak was to brown the melted butter.”

(Jenny’s note: Food52 has two cookbook clubs – one dedicated to baking and another general club. Also, remember The Cookbook Junkies – come join us there, too!)



For October, we offered several choices Victuals or Orange Appeal, any Southern title, or any Donna Hay recipe from one of her cookbooks or her online recipes that we have indexed here at Eat Your Books.

We will start with Victuals.

Lisa C. made the Remembrance of Jerry’s chili past. Lisa felt that the dish was underwhelming but “Very quick and easy, so it makes a good weeknight meal–especially if served, as suggested, over fritos.” 



Kimberly K. states “I made the nutmeg cookies. They tasted great but they don’t look like the pic in the cookbook.”



Danna C. made Doorbell pork, hominy & wilted greens. She says, “It was quite good, quick and easy. I really liked it, but next time I would omit the lemon pepper on the pork chops.”


Alicia F (from the UK) made the Root and sausage pie and thanked members for helping her with the right spices for the sausage. 


Kathleen L. made the Fried apples and stated “A regular Sunday breakfast here during the fall. I’ve been doing them all wrong! After stirring to coat the four apples with the mere one tablespoon of melted butter, cover for three minutes first before adding the maple syrup, etc. They steam and become almost transparent.”


Kimberly K. made the Apple butter stating that her house was smelling incredibly good! (Jenny’s note: I can imagine!)  

Another option was Orange Appeal (be sure to enter our worldwide giveaway for this title and check out the recipe for the Glazed blood orange yogurt loaf cake and my photo)

Susan S made the Curried cod poached in coconut milk, lime and orange. She substituted yellow peppers and added mange tout (snow peas). “It was a delicious, light and tangy meal that was loved by the whole family! I also used low-fat coconut milk.”


Marcia R made the Fruited shrimp and grilled orange salad. Marcia thought it was a very good light meal and she used red quinoa. She adds, “I just noticed my grilled oranges are missing from this picture. I must’ve taken the photo before I put them on. They were so sweet!”


Contributions from other Southern titles:

Lisa S. made the Chicken tamales with tomatillo-guajillo salsa from The Homesick Texan’s Family Table by Lisa Fain. “I love tamales and these were a winner. The salsa is very tasty, more deep and earthy than spicy. I cooked the tamales in the Instant Pot saving some time. In fact, I cooked everything but the sauce in the IP including some beans I added as I had them left over. These are always a satisfying dish and so much fun to make.”



Judi S. made the Southern pimento cheese from Add a Pinch by Robyn Stone. “Easy to make. Great appetizer with some wine or beer.”



Contributions from Donna Hay

Lisa C made Donna Hay’s from Simple Essentials – the Lemongrass and coriander grilled chicken skewers. “Really delicious. I doubled the paste for the chicken and doubled the dipping sauce. Served with Thai jasmine rice.”


There were many other great photos and comments – be sure to check them all out on the group page. Come join us. 



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