A big milestone and a new feature

50,000 Online Recipes from Cookbooks!

We passed a huge milestone this month! As I hope you are aware, we link to cookbook and magazine recipes reproduced online if they have been reproduced with the publisher’s permission. And this month we reached 50,000 online recipes from cookbooks. The cookbooks indexed by EYB contain an average of 193 recipes, so this is like an extra 260 cookbooks in your collection (without all the space they would take up). Of course, there’s nothing like actually owning the book, but this is a great way to sample those you might be interested in purchasing.

You can add individual cookbook online recipes to your Bookshelf or you can just use the Library Online recipe filter for books when searching for a recipe. One caveat – your searches may be slower when you add thousands of individual online recipes to your Bookshelf. For faster results, search our entire online recipe collection in the Library and use filters to narrow your search.

Many cookbooks have large portions of their content online, especially if the book is derived from a newspaper column, a magazine or is linked to a TV show. To see only recipes available in an individual book, click the book title, then click “Search this book for recipes” at the top. Now filter the recipe index by the Online filter at top right. An example is Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi where 94 recipes out of the 128 in the book have links to The Guardian newspaper (where the recipes were first published). Similarly, Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics has 88 of its 99 recipes available on the Food Network website (many with videos, which are all marked in the EYB index with a TV set icon).

Online recipes


My Bookshelf – Notes and Reviews

The other news is that we have added a new feature. A short while ago we added a Notes/Reviews tab to the Library where you can see all Notes (comments by EYB members) and Reviews (external reviews). Now we have added the same tab to your Bookshelf where you can see all Notes and Reviews that relate to the books, magazines and recipes that you own. You are also now able to see all your Personal Notes.

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  • meggan  on  August 29, 2016

    I really like these new features and additions – thanks!

  • FJT  on  August 29, 2016

    Agree with meggan – the new features are great. Having just looked at it, I do have a question about the notes /reviews tab on My Bookshelf. The notes I can see are overwhelmingly those that I wrote – I have to go back a page and a half to early March to find a note from another EYB member and I know there have been many notes on recipes in my library since then (I skim through all notes every week looking for recipes that I have!). What criteria do you use to determine which notes I can see from other members on this tab?

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