Men in T-shirts, cooking

I noticed something funny in my “Discards” pile this morning – a trio of men in T-shirts and jeans. looking at out me with bright eyes and white teeth.  What’s going on with  that?  I thought.

It turns out that two of them – Jorge Cruise in The 100 and Abel James in The Wild Diet – were suggesting that I lose weight.  Abel says I can lose 20 pounds in 40 days.  Jorge says I can lose 18 pounds in 2 weeks. Jorge is faster.  But Abel actually has food on his cookbook  jacket.  Neither says anything about the losing 5 pounds in one week with a stomach virus, which I just successfully did. 

Fortunately, not all the men in T-shirts are so obsessed with my weight.  The one with the most facial hair and tattoos wants to help me make fast, delicious food for my family.  Dean McDermott (that’s Mr. Tori Spelling) offers up straight-ahead family recipes that lean on flavor amplifiers like bacon and mushrooms and coconut oil.  It’s just normal, good-tasting food, although sometimes he styles it in animal shapes.

I’m all for more men in cookbooks, especially men who aren’t in chef whites.  I’m a big fan of T-shirts.  And by March I imagine I’ll fit back in my jeans.  But I draw the line at tattoos.  You can lead a girl to water – or get her to make animal shapes out of food, or eat less sugar, or go Paleo – but you can’t make her get inked.

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