Tomato growing styles are highly revealing

Hippie Tomato Plant
The Washington Post has an amusing slide show illustrating various ways to support tomato plants and pointing out the personality types that each matches. Plus there are some good tips about techniques and types of tomatoes each approach requires.

So meet the Innocent, the Gardener (who lies awake at night wondering if she missed a sucker), the Perfectionist, the Farmer, the Architect, the Urban Farmer (try the Health Kick or Celebrity varieties), the Hippie, and the Faddist. Do you find yourself? 

And while we’re on tomatoes, we’ve had a couple of good blog items on tomatoes – one on how to slice several cherry tomatoes at the same time and one from Susie on a phenomenal Jamie Oliver cherry tomato recipe using up those freshly sliced cherry tomatoes. Our past blogs are easy to find by using the search engine on the blog home page via specific key words, or you can also browse by category.

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