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Do you have stacks of recipe clippings that you’ve saved from magazines; been given by friends; printed out from the internet?  They seemed so delicious at the time but, once they go into that big, black hole – called the ‘clippings file/box/drawer’ they seem to disappear once they’re swallowed up by your filing system.  Trying to recall what that recipe was, where it is and even remembering it exists are some of the hazards of having a clippings file.

For many people, including us, that collection of personal recipes contains a lot of treasures.  So we’re giving EYB members access to the entire library of ingredients, categories and classifications.  You can now index your personal recipes in the same way as your cookbook, magazine and blog recipes.  So next time you are trying to find the chocolate cake recipe that your friend gave you, it will come up in your search results.

A Help file gives you guidelines on how to index your recipes so that they are consistent with EYB indexed recipes.  It’s up to you how consistent and accurate you want to be, as you’re the only person who will be able to see the recipes.  Though if you categorize your recipes using EYB standard categories you’ll be able to find them using the EYB category filters. 

We will shortly be introducing another feature that will let you add online recipes – these will be public.   Let us know what you think on the Forum. Find out more »

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