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After a lot of planning, EatYourBooks.com is finally live.  The idea for the website grew from a desire I had to make better use of my large collection of cookbooks.  I wanted to find new recipes quickly and to be able to search by several criteria such as main ingredients, ethnicity, type of dish, occasions, etc.  I also wanted to find recipes when I couldn’t remember which book they were in.  I reasoned that I was probably not the only keen cook out there with a shortage of time and a fading memory.  I convinced my sister Fiona to join me in the enterprise and Eat Your Books was born.

We’ve designed the site as we would like to use it but we would love to hear from you as to what you think works or doesn’t and what new features you would like to add.  The 550 cookbooks we have indexed so far represent what we think keen cooks are most likely to own but we will be adding new books all the time based on your requests.  So if you don’t find one of your favorites, please send us a request and we will probably add it to our indexing pile.

Get in touch and give us feedback.  I’ve regularly been using EatYourBooks.com for finding recipes while the site has been in development and it does everything I hoped it would.  But you may have different needs so please tell us and we’ll do our best to make you as happy with the website as we are.

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