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Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and sometimes other ingredients such as water, sugar, and cornstarch. This treat dates back to ancient China with the sweet paste making its way to Japan at the end of the Jōmon period (c. 14,000–300 BCE).

In February, I came across the Mochinut donut and wrote about that delicious experience for our members. This week a Food & Wine article from November of 2021 found its way into my Google recommendations – “Butter mochi will help you win every potluck.”

Photo: Cake Barn

I am a huge fan of all things Asian (every baker needs this title Mooncakes and Milk Breadreview) so the above mentioned article sent me looking through our EYB Library for butter mochi (and mochi recipes). I hope to make Joanne Chang’s Butter mochi recipe from Pastry Love soon. Jane of the Cake Barn blog tested this recipe against another version which had been her to-go and determined that Joanne’s recipe was favored over her standby. By the way, the Cake Barn blog is filled with delectable recipes and inspiring photographs. I have bookmarked this site to explore and l recommend following her Instagram feed as well. So much deliciousness in the world and so little time.

We have over 300 recipes (84 online) in our Library for mochi related recipes. To further explore all things mochi, I recommend Mochi Magic which is filled with fun, approachable projects such as Kuri Manju (Baked buns with sweet bean filling) and Nutella and strawberries mochi. There are many recipes for all types of tempting fillings.

Another title that should be on your radar is Modern Asian Baking at Home (Jun 2022) which teaches the techniques and provides a foundation for Asian baking. Recipes shared here include Eggless mochi cheese puffs; Monstrous matcha miso cookies; and Spicy gochujang flourless chocolate cake. Learn more about this title and the author here.

Another upcoming cookbook to be excited about is Mochi, Cakes and Bakes (Nov 2022), another stunner of a title which has recipes for Tiramisu mochi; Vietnamese coffee tres leches; and Mochi dogs. The cover of Mochi, Cakes and Bakes may change. Be sure to preorder these two titles – because they offer unique and flavorful bakes.

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