Most Googled recipes of 2021

Although we try to make sure everyone knows that the best place to find great recipes is by searching the EYB Library, people still use Google to search for things to cook. Since Google keeps statistics on everything, we can find out what people were looking for this year. They even break down the searches by country, so we can see the results for Australia, the UK, and the US.

Aussies were looking for a wide range of items including sausages and cocktails, but the number one search was for gnocchi. It seems that shaping your own gnocchi might be the lockdown sourdough of 2021. UK residents were also into cocktails with three different ones appearing the top ten – recipes for Pimms drinks, Sex on the Beach, and the Pornstar Martini. I had to look up the last one as there were no recipes in the EYB Library, and discovered that the drink was ranked as the most popular cocktail in the UK in 2018. We’ve added a few recipes to the Library because the drink sounds delicious.

In the US we look like teetotalers because no cocktails made the top 10, although cicadas did. Google provided no explanation of why cicadas appeared on the list of recipe searches, which leaves us scratching our heads. Did people really search for *recipes* using the insects, or did Google misclassify those searches? The world may never know. More traditional searches included the now famous TikTok pasta, birria tacos, and smashed potatoes.

Photo of Tiktok pasta: super easy baked feta pasta from I Am a Food Blog

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  • dhogue  on  December 10, 2021

    Perhaps cicadas made it onto the US recipes list, because so many people were asking “is it OK if my dog eats cicadas?”

  • FuzzyChef  on  December 10, 2021

    Cicada pizza was a thing in may.

  •  on  December 10, 2021

    Maybe people in the US were looking for cicada cocktails?!!!

  • stockholm28  on  December 10, 2021

    I guess you don’t live in a place where the cicadas were literally carpeting the walkways. All the local news stations were doing segments about eating cicadas. Usually some local chef cooked them up and the local cub reporter had to try them.

  • chelseablink  on  December 11, 2021

    The cicada recipes were a real thing, not an error! It was probably regionally specific though so you would’ve missed it if you weren’t here. 2021 was a Brood X year, i.e. the largest brood of 17-year cicadas came up out of the ground and swarmed all over for a few weeks to mate and lay eggs. But this only happened in certain parts of the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic. And, yes, cicadas are edible, and some people love making cicada recipes during these brief windows when they’re abundant. I live in DC, the epicenter of Brood X, and I can attest that multiple coworkers swapped cicada recipes in my presence! And I know a chef in Connecticut who traveled down the coast to collect cicadas and bring them home to cook.

  • schambers  on  December 11, 2021

    And the EYB Library even has a cocktail recipe for the Cicada

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