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Hello dear members. I am up to my eyeballs in April cookbooks preparing for this month’s new cookbook review due next week. Accordingly, this week’s roundup will be short but very sweet. Today I’ll give you a detailed look inside Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Cookie Bible slated for publication on November 9, 2021. If you are preordering from Book Depository or Amazon, please remember to use our BUY BOOK button. For your convenience I’ve added the Amazon links here: Amazon US; Amazon CA; and Amazon UK.

Rose is the author of many cookbooks, most of which are devoted to baking with the exception of Rose’s Melting Pot: A Cooking Tour of America’s Ethnic Celebrations and Rose’s Celebrations which share savory recipes primarily.

The Cookie Bible is an epic tome filled with a wealth of deliciousness. The chapters are organized as follows: Rolled by Hand, Dropped or Piped, Shaped by Hand, Rolled and Cut, Holiday Cookies, Bar and Cake Cookies, Meringue and Candy Cookies and Extra Specials. This last chapter holds recipes such as Cajeta, Milk chocolate mousse ganache and Prune lekvar. And, of course, the book begins with an introduction, a “Golden Rules and Baking Gems” chapter and pages devoted to equipment and ingredients.

Rose provides the following details for each recipe. Let’s dissect the recipe for Peanut butter and jelly buttons – photo below: The amount of cookies yielded, a headnote, oven temp, baking time and special equipment needed are at the top of the recipe. The ingredients are listed clearly in a table in both weight and volume. Rose even goes the extra step to tell us how much the finished dough should weigh. Why? We can make sure we didn’t skip an ingredient. If the dough is to weigh 300 grams and our dough weighs 275 grams we can determine which ingredient we missed (in this instance we either left out the egg or granulated sugar). I am so guilty of forgetting an ingredient at times – banana bread without sugar isn’t my favorite.

Photo taken from the preview blad.

Instructions then follow: mise en place, making the dough, preheating the oven, shaping the dough, baking the cookies and then cooling the cookies are broken down in easy to read formatting. The recipe for the jelly portion of the cookie is then set out, followed by storage tips and lastly to seal the deal Rose leaves us with a baking gem. For example, “superfine sugar will result in fewer cracks….”. Indeed, Rose is the gem here.

There are traditional cookie recipes which have been perfected by Rose along with some fun selections such as Churro nuggets, Mrs. Swallow’s perfect lemon cookies, Pistachio pavés, and Les pique-niques to name a few. Between Rose and Dorie, all our baking dreams will be fulfilled this fall/autumn.

For a look inside Dorie’s next cookbook, Baking with Dorie: Sweet, Salty & Simple see this roundup. If you are preordering Dorie’s book from Book Depository or Amazon, please remember to use our BUY BOOK button. For your convenience I’ve added the Amazon links here: Amazon US; Amazon CA; and Amazon UK.

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