Which country has the best food?

In a world that lives for lists, it is inevitable that the question of which country has the best food will be asked. It’s certain to be a point of national pride for some, and there are arguments to be made for any number of countries to be at the top. The question was recently posed at the rating site Ranker, and they have published the poll and its results.

Since the poll is still active, the results might change, but for now the top ten is one that will probably not surprise anyone. Coming in at number ten was Thailand, with Lebanon besting it slightly. China was in the eighth spot, while Mexico nabbed the fifth position. India came in third, edged out by France. And the country with the best food? According to the poll, Italy has the best to offer. This goes all the way to 150 if you want to do a really deep dive.

What is more interesting than just where countries landed is that you can order the list by different demographics. For example, female voters had Japan at number one, followed by Italy and then China. Men, on the other hand, placed France in the top position, with Spain second and Japan third. You can also order the list by age of the voters and by region (of the US) in which they live.

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  • annmartina  on  January 22, 2020

    I believe that New Orleans should count as a country.

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