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In this age of viral videos and other social media posts, a recipe can take on a life of its own. Sometimes it happens with stunning speed but other times it can build more slowly, like a snowball rolling down a shallow hill. That’s what happened with a soup recipe that Helen Rosner published in 2016. It has only recently reached viral status, which she explains in the story of Roberto (yes, she named the soup).

Shortly before his death, Anthony Bourdain was working on a travel guide with long-time assistant Laurie Woolever. This week we learned that the book, title  World Travel: An Irreverent Guide, will be published in October. Woolever co-wrote Appetites, Bourdain’s final cookbook. She finished World Travel using notes she had from a conversation with Bourdain about what he wanted out of this project.

In case you missed the announcement earlier this week, the GBBO is going to look different next season. Co-host Sandi Toksvig surprised and disappointed many fans by declaring that she was not going to be part of the franchise next year. In a tweet, Toksvig joked that being part of GBBO was all-consuming “as my waistline will testify”, and said she wanted to devote more time to other projects. There’s no word yet on who might replace her.

Speaking of GBBO, the Observer Food Monthly has just published a charming interview between Nigel Slater and Nadiya Hussain. It is as lovely as you would expect from this pairing of two great food personalities.

We will end with a mesmerizing food video. It is a cake-based zoetrope – an animation device that produces the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs – made by French artist Alexandre Dubosc. Dubosc works in an unusual media for zoetropes, using cakes and other foods instead of images. We guarantee you will be astounded by this animation.

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  • averythingcooks  on  January 19, 2020

    I recently watched “Wasted” right to the end ……reducing food waste is one of my goals In my small kitchen and I teach the science of using food waste to generate power in my senior biology class. However, if you’ve watched it right to the end with the “out takes” with Bourdain, you’ve seen him say that he wants you to want to hang yourself when you hear how bad the problem is……. that was a very poignant and tearful moment for me – knowing what he ultimately chose to do.

  • wicksj1  on  January 25, 2020

    I enjoyed watching him

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