Blue and white CorningWare is back

The iconic white with blue flowers CorningWare evokes a wave of nostalgia for almost everyone who sees the cookware at a resale shop or thrift store. Rare pieces of vintage CorningWare can fetch astronomical prices, up to $7000 for certain items. If those kind of prices are out of reach, don’t despair: CorningWare recently released a new edition of the classic design at Bed, Bath & Beyond in the US


CorningWare came to us through the same manufacturer who brought us Pyrex cookware, and was touted as a unique glass-ceramic hybrid that was durable and resistant to thermal shock. The blue “cornflower” decoration, featuring three stylized flowers, was designed by artist Joseph Baum and graced CorningWare’s products for three decades. The produce line was discontinued in 2000, but was restarted to take advantage of increased interest in everything retro/vintage.

The reissued items including rectangular baking dishes, mixing bowls, measuring bowls, and even a mug. The prices are reasonable, with a six piece baking set (three pans and three lids) listing for $49.99. If you have a coupon you can save off the list price. Be warned, however, that while they look the same the items may not be exactly as you remembered. At least one comment on the BB&B site says these are heavier than the older pieces. 

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  • EmmaJaneDay  on  June 26, 2019

    There’s a little kitchenware shop near me that still has some of the original ones for sale!

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