Netflix’s new series ‘Street Food’ may be even better than ‘Chef’s Table’

If you are a fan of the Netflix series ‘Chef’s Table,’ the streaming service has a new program that you should consider. Street Food chronicles several regional food stars as they demonstrate how they rose to prominence by cooking specialty dishes on the streets or in open-air markets. The first season of the show focuses on Asian street food, profiling 35 different vendors in nine cities. 

street food netflix

According to Eater, the most interesting aspect about the new series “is how it manages to retain the best qualities of its predecessor while also breaking new ground. Each episode focuses on one chef who rose to culinary stardom by cooking highly personal cuisine, while also zooming out to show how they fit into a greater food scene along with other local vendors.” 

While the vendors appearing on the show are well-known in their area, the names are not household names in the same way as the culinary stars in Chef’s Table. That is part of the charm of this series; you aren’t overwhelmed by a person’s celebrity – although that is not to say these chefs are not interesting or colorful. Far from it. Some of them have been plying their trade for several decades, and have achieved a mastery that is humbling to watch. 

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