Put those leftover Easter eggs to good use

It’s hard to imagine how many eggs were hard boiled, dyed and decorated over the past week or so. If you are like me, once the holiday is over you quickly become bored with egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs. Luckily we have the EYB Library to find uses for all of those leftover eggs. 

hand raised pie

One option that you might not think about is using the eggs in baked goods. Adding a grated hard-boiled egg to shortbread, biscuits, and scones adds an interesting textural component, as GBBO contestant Briony demonstrated last season. You can try these hard-cooked egg cookiestender buttermilk biscuits, or James Beard’s strawberry shortcake. (The recipe is by Larry Forgione, but was inspired by James Beard telling Chef Forgione about his mother’s shortcake that featured hard-cooked egg yolks. Beard allegedly said about Chef Forgione’s recipe, “there can be no dessert better, only fancier.”)

Turning back to the savory side, many empanada recipes include hard-boiled eggs, or you could make Bolivian hand pies filled with chicken stew (Salteñas). For those looking for something really different, Pashka cheese is an interesting alternative. Pashka cheese is an Russian dish made from fresh farmer’s cheese, brandy, golden raisins, hard-cooked egg yolks, and other dairy ingredients that are pressed in a mold (a clean terra cotta pot will work, so don’t worry about not having the right equipment).

Another unusual option is Salmorejo, a Spanish soup combining bread, tomatoes, sherry vinegar, hard-boiled eggs and Iberico ham. Sauce gribiche is another excellent choice that works as well over asparagus as it does steak. For a hearty main course, try Paul Hollywood’s Raised pork & egg pie. Last but not least is the old standby Scotch eggs. What’s your favorite use for hard-boiled eggs?

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