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Just when you think you’ve heard of every ingredient imaginable, you find out there is so much more to learn. The new cookbook Boragó, by Rodolfo Guzmán, the chef/owner of a Santiago, Chile restaurant, has set the EYB record for most new ingredients added to the EYB ingredient database, requiring 279 new items. Borago We have more than 44,000 ingredients listed in our database. The previous book that needed the most new ingredients was Modernist Cuisine, with 144 added. Borago’s new ingredients are akin to those added with Noma, being mostly Chilean indigenous flora and fauna. Somewhat surprisingly, Noma only required 86 new ingredients. We are not sure how many recipes people will be making from Boragó, as it might be difficult to source items like these:
  • cow horns – used as a serving vessel
  • donkey milk and donkey cream
  • Quisco parasites  – red-flowering mistletoe that grows parasitically on Quisco cacti
  • guanaco (also guanaco blood, guanaco sirloin, and guanaco skirt steaks) – a camelid animal native to South America, closely related to the llama
  • And our indexer’s favorite, “half a mushroom aged by the wind” (indexed as dried mushrooms)
As you can imagine, chef Rodolfo Guzmán serves a dynamic, wildly imaginative tasting menu at Boragó, using only native Chilean ingredients. The namesake cookbook combines the chef’s fascinating narratives about Chilean geography and ingredients, his never-before-published notebook sketches of dishes and creative processes, and gorgeous landscape and food photographs that introduce readers to the distinctive pleasures of Chilean culture and cuisine.

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  • mjes  on  April 11, 2019

    I have the good fortune of having a friend who raises donkey 🙂 . . . and, yes, I have this cookbook.

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