One appliance is getting all the cookbook love this season

A few days ago we wrote about how Indian cooks are embracing the Instant Pot. They are far from the only group that has latched on to the convenient appliance, and cookbook publishers are taking note. As Jenny points out in our October New Cookbook Review, and as Bonnie Benwick writes in The Washington Post, this fall nearly twenty books dedicated to the Instant Pot are hitting store shelves. 

Instant Pot books

Most of these volumes are slim, containing about half as many recipes as an average cookbook, as publishers prioritize getting books into print over being all-encompassing. Several focus on a particular cuisine or nutritional niche, including a handful of weight loss tomes. Some highlight minimal ingredient preparation, and others hone in on money-saving recipes. 

You may also notice a sticker proclaiming “Authorized by Instant Pot” on some cookbook covers. That usually indicates that the company and publisher have an agreement to cross-promote their products. Benwick says that to date, Instant Pot  has endorsed 35 titles. To get the Instant Pot “seal of approval”, Morgan Hedden, an editor at Grand Central Life and Style says that the company has to “really like the authors.” 

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  • sir_ken_g  on  October 27, 2018

    It's not clear that these books are needed. The Instapot is a pressure cooker, and slow cookers with a saute option. Figure out what it does and follow regular recipes – perhaps with less water. Many of those buttons are not needed either.
    Sadly the manual does not tell you what it really does – nor do most of the cookbooks.
    This is a good source

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