Good Eats: Reloaded heading to Cooking Channel

Alton Brown provided his fans with a bit of good news earlier this week, when he posted a status update about Good Eats to his Facebook page. In it, he announced that he’s “revisiting the Good Eats library and renovating some classic episodes by adding new scenes, new science and new recipes.” The first revamped episode of what is being called ‘Good Eats: Reloaded’ premieres on October 15 on Cooking Channel.

Good Eats: Reloaded

The news ends months of speculation follwing a cryptic announcement that Brown was revising his popular show, which aired on Food Network for over a decade. Rumors swirled that Good Eats might be returning as a web series or that the program would be completely reinterpreted. 

In a statment Brown said “Recording artists remaster albums, directors re-cut films, classic buildings are renovated and now, I’m finally getting a chance to update some classic  Good Eats episodes.” He had planned on only revisiting about 30% of the episodes, but wound up “doing more…a whole lot more!” he explained. 

Good Eats: Reloaded will tide us over until the release of Brown’s new television series, which is slated to air in 2019. Titled Return of the Eats, the half-hour series premieres next year on the Food Network, although no date has yet been announced. 

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