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“There’s something magical about a cookbook shop…” So begins a recent post on indexed website Food52, and we could not agree more. We also concur with the sentiment that there are too few of these stores in existence, which makes the ones who succeed that much more special. The Food52 article explores thirteen of the best cookbook stores around the world. 

You can find more information about nearly all of these shops, plus a few they neglected to mention, in the EYB guide to cookbook stores around the world. For food and cookbook lovers, visiting any of these shops is exhilarating. As Food52 succinctly states: “Stepping into these stores is like stepping into precious clubs for those who simply love food in any capacity, except these clubs are all-welcoming.” 

These stores do much more than just sell cookbooks. Many of them offer cooking demonstrations, host author events, and serve as a hub for food lovers in their communities. Some of the stores also sell kitchen gadgets, speciality food items, linens, and even antiques. The expertise offered by the owners and employees of these wonderful shops is unparalleled – they can help you find everything from out-of-print and rare editions to the perfect book for a wedding or graduation gift to the ideal volume based on your skills and interests. 

I had the privilege of shopping at The Cook Book Stall at Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia before it closed at the end of 2017. It was a delight to soak in the ambience of the bustling food market while at the same time being immersed in browsing new releases as well as cherished classics. Although several stores have folded in the last few years, we can help keep the remaining shops around by patronizing them whenever possible, so hurry on down to the cookbook store nearest you! 

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