Celebrate Pi(e) Day

Apple pie

March 14 (3.14 if you use the month-first convention found in the US) is the perfect day for bakers to celebrate both pi (the mathematical constant) and pie (the tasty food with endless variants both savory and sweet) because of the natural synergy between the two. Bakers use pi when scaling pie and cake recipes to determine the proper pan size, and of course bakers love to make pies, whether filled with fruit, custard, meat, or vegetables. Pie is universally appealing to everyone from carnivores to vegans, for those with a sweet tooth or not, and even to those on gluten-free diets.

Officially, Pie Day (in the US) is January 23, but that doesn’t stop people from celebrating on March 14. Any excuse is good enough when it comes to pie. While the mathematical constant is, well, constant, the definition of pie is less formally defined; you can celebrate with tartsquiche, and pasties, too.

Use these sweet and savory pies from the EYB library as your inspiration for Pi Day:

Fried apple pies from Eat the Love by Irvin Lin
Dahlia triple coconut cream pie from The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook
Bacon and egg pie from the Free Range Cook by Annabel Langbein
Creamy onion, broccoli and mushroom pie with a ruff puff pastry crust from Belleau Kitchen by Dominic Franks
Seville orange meringue pie from The Guardian by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

What pi(e) you are making to celebrate?

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