Ruth Rogers and Nigella Lawson keynote speakers at Cherry Bombe’s Jubilee


Cherry Bombe Magazine is hosting its sixth Jubilee conference next month. The keynote speakers at the conference are two culinary icons: Nigella Lawson and Ruth Rogers. “The two women are such a powerhouse duo, in terms of one representing the working chef and the other the home cook,” says Cherry Bombe  co-founder Kerry Diamond.  

The conference will be held April 14 in New York City, and will feature a mix of discussions, meals, and networking opportunities. The event has moved to a larger venue that will accommodate 600 attendees. The complete lineup is still taking shape.

The first Jubilee was created in response to the striking gender imbalance at food events. Following a 2013 Eater article describing this imbalance, Diamond and co-founder Claudia Wu were inspired to create a women-focused event. If you are interested in attending, tickets are on sale now and cost $350. 

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