A beginner’s guide to the Instant Pot

 Instant Pot

Between holiday hauls and Prime Day deals, thousands upon thousands of people now own an Instant Pot or one of its close cousins. I’ve known some who have had one for months but haven’t taken it on a maiden voyage yet. If you are in this camp, Melissa Clark is coming to your rescue. She’s provided us all with a thorough guide on how to use a multi-function cooker like the Instant Pot

Clark correctly surmises that the function you’re mostly likely to use is the pressure cooking function. Who doesn’t want perfectly cooked beans, tender roasts, and more, all made in a fraction of the normal cooking time? While Clark doesn’t get into charts or timing in detail, she does a good job of laying out the basics of how a pressure cooker works, and the difference between manual and natural release, terms that can stymie beginners. 

Also included in the guide are introductions to the many other functions you can use, such as slow cook, sauté, and yogurt making. Clark provides a breakdown of the parts and accessories you’ll find with your appliance (I finally know the use for the small plastic cup that came with mine). Best of all, there’s a general guide on how to convert conventional recipes to pressure cooker recipes. Armed with this knowledge and advice, you’re sure to be enjoying your multicooker in no time. 

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  • Megoola  on  September 25, 2017

    Might be a good article but I dont want to sign up for yet another website just to read it.

  • susan g  on  September 27, 2017

    NYT Food section in the paper 9/27/2017, has some of the article and 2 recipes.

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