How sweet it is

cinnamon hard candiesMany of us are approaching the New Year with resolve to eat a healthier diet, which includes cutting down on sugar. That makes Saveur Magazine’s new series seem a bit cruel. Saveur has just announced The Sugar Files, an “extended series where we’ll poke and prod at just a few of the ways sugar runs the world. We’ll dig into the history it’s shaped. Ask why we all love it so much.”

They’ve started with several articles featuring the tag ‘The Sugar Files‘, including a world history of sugar, a post about pomegranate molasses, a lesson in Thai desserts, and a treatise on jaggery – a sweetener from India. The history of sugar begins in 10,000 B.C., when honey was the major sweetener, and continues to recent times with entries about major sugar companies and the rise of artificial sweeteners. Did you know that the C and H of popular US brand C&H Sugar stands for California and Hawaii?   

If you are a sugar addict like me, you’ll want to bookmark these articles for future reading. I’m already planning new uses for the pomegranate molasses that I purchased for a particular recipe. Like Saveur says, “Sorry about your New Year’s resolutions”.

Photo of Cinnamon hard candies from Saveur Magazine

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