Iron Chef America coming back to Food Network

 Iron Chefs

Fans of the television series Iron Chef America will be happy to learn that the show, which left Food Network in 2014, is returning in spring 2017. The reboot of the show includes a new name: the new program will be called Iron Chef Gauntlet

Reports indicate that Alton Brown will be reprising his role as host of the competition. It’s hard to believe that the first Iron Chef America premiered in 2005 – over a decade ago! Next Iron Chef premiered in 2007 and the two shows ran concurrently for five seasons, after which Next Iron Chef was dropped. If you didn’t realize that Iron Chef America was no longer on the airwaves, that is because although the program ended its run on Food Network in 2014, it moved to Cooking Channel for a year before being mothballed.

Bobby Flay remains the most winning chef on Iron Chef America, racking up 43 wins. He’s followed by Michael Symon, whose tally stands at 34. Symon enjoys the best win percentage, beating his opponents over 80% of the time. At this time there is no word on whether these – or any – of the former Iron Chefs will return. 

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  • Senkimekia  on  December 6, 2016

    That's awesome I LOVED that show, hope they don't change the format too much and ruin it…

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