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Do you find other people’s comments on recipes helpful? Have you written your own recipe Notes? It’s a great way to remind yourself how a dish turned out and share your experience with the EYB community. On each Recipe Details page you’ll find a Notes tab.

Adding online recipes to your EYB Bookshelf is a really great way to expand your personal recipe collection. You can now do this even if you have a free membership!

We’re featuring online recipes from these books, magazines and blogs – check them out.

Happy cooking & baking everyone!
From UK books:

33 recipes from LEON: Fast Vegetarian by Jane Baxter & Henry Dimbleby

13 recipes from Spice Odyssey: From Asafoetida to Wasabi,
Spicy Recipes to Really Excite and Inspire
by Paul Merrett

19 recipes from Cut the Carbs: 100 Recipes to Help You Ditch White Carbs and Feel Great 
by Tori Haschka, indexed by an EYB member

3 recipes from Kew’s Global Kitchen Cookbook: 101 Recipes Using Edible Plants from Around the World by Carolyn Fry & Catherine Bradley, indexed by an EYB member

From AUS/NZ books:

8 recipes from MoVida Solera by Frank Camorra & Richard Cornish

From US books:

39 recipes + 25 videos from Clean Slate: A Cookbook and Guide: Reset Your Health, Boost Your Energy, and Feel Your Best from Martha Stewart Living

28 recipes from A Good Food Day: Reboot Your Health with Food That Tastes Great
by Marco Canora & Tammy Walker

7 recipes from World Spice at Home: New Flavors for 75 Favorite Dishes 
by Amanda Bevill & Julie Kramis Hearne
3 recipes from Charcutería: The Soul of Spain by Jeffrey Weiss

3 recipes from One Pot Spanish: More Than 80 Easy Authentic Recipes 
by Penelope Casas, indexed by an EYB member

87 recipes from Spain and the World Table 
by Culinary Institute of America & Martha Rose Shulman

17 recipes from Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans
by Lolis Eric Elie, indexed by an EYB member

6 recipes from New Orleans Classic Creole Recipes: From Favorite Restaurants
by Kit Wohl, indexed by an EYB member


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