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The warmer weather has everyone’s thoughts turned to grilling, and with this weekend being Father’s Day, a lot of the grilling is going to involve steak. It’s no surprise that steak is popping up everywhere online. Even though cooking meat over a fire is a simple and ancient method, that doesn’t mean we can’t make improvements. Food Network provides Alton Brown’s 5 tactics to make steak (marinades, rubs and hot coals factor in), while indexed magazine Fine Cooking has gathered their juiciest steak recipes, also utilizing marinades and rubs and adding special sauces for good measure.

Indexed magazine Cooking Light’s contribution is a grilled flank steak with tomato bruschetta, and indexed blog Food52 goes sweet and boozy in their sugar steak with bourbon. With all of the options it’s difficult to decide on a recipe, and then you also have to choose the cut of beef that will grace your grill. The Chicago Tribune provides a guide to choosing the perfect cut, with detailed explanations of nine steaks from flat iron to ribeye.

Speaking of cuts, Jamie Oliver apparently has “secret” steaks, and he shows you how to make his secret steak with chips and green beans. (Spoiler: one of the secret steaks is skirt steak.) Finally, over at Epicurious, they’re giving us 10 ultimate father’s day steaks that sound absolutely delicious. Their grilled lime-curry-rubbed hanger steak with fresh melon-cucumber chutney looks divine. What’s your favorite steak to make on the grill?

Photo courtesy Food Network/Alton Brown

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