Saying farewell to Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter, who passed away today, was one of those chefs that everybody had on their bucket list. Those who ate what he cooked were lucky and could always recall their meal in detail; those who never had the opportunity regretted the lost opportunity. We’re honoring his impact on the food world by noting two different items. First, his legacy, i.e. his numerous cookbooks – check out the list here at the EYB library

Equally impressive is the reaction from his peers. Of the many obituaries and remembrances on the food media, we thought it would be suitable to link to the one at the Eater: The Food World Responds to Charlie Trotter’s Death. In this article, they list the numerous condolences and memories posted on Twitter and Facebook by other chefs and food notables. Here are a few that we found especially appropos:

From Graham Elliot: CHARLIE TROTTER: chef, mentor, trailblazer, philosopher, artist, teacher, leader. He now belongs to the ages.

From David Tamarkin: Charlie. You were never satisfied. It was your strength and your weakness. I hope you found happiness.

From Andrew Zimmern: Trotter had famous temperament, stern stubbornness but if you knew him he was all about vision and leadership and technique.

From Kevin Pang: How did Charlie Trotter leave his mark? + Vegetarian tasting menus + Cookbooks for professional chefs + Idea of chef-owned restaurants

And from Thomas Keller: Charlie Trotter was a visionary; one who exemplified what a young American chef could do to influence a generation. He’ll be greatly missed.

I never had the chance to eat at one of his restaurants – but would love to hear remembrances from any who had the pleasure.

Photo: Paul Elledge /Vimeo

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