Learning to appreciate tofu


We recently had an epiphany with tofu – if you want to make a great creamy soup, instead of adding cream, blend in semi-soft tofu. Great texture and mouth feel without the fat. So we were sympathetic to this recent article at Food52, In Defense of Tofu. The article makes the challenge, “Think you don’t like tofu? Think again.”

The article goes on to explain the myriad of ways tofu can be cooked, along with a quick explanation of the difference among silken, firm, pressed, fresh and the other forms you may find at the store. For example, did you know you can freeze it? And for additional ideas, be sure to look at the comments below the main article.

In particular, however, we wanted to pass on their recommendation for two cookbooks for those who are willing to try a tofu relationship: “Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything Vegetarian is a fantastic resource for the tofu-curious; for those ready to dive in, head-first, to the world of bean curd, Andrea Nguyen’s Asian Tofu is your reference of choice.”

If you have a great idea for using tofu, we’d love to hear it.

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