All hail Hummus – the new King of the Snacks


No less an authority than the Wall Street Journal has chosen to crown hummus as the new king of the snacks. In their online article, Hummus is Conquering America, they discuss how the growing demand for hummus is encouraging farmers to trade transplanting tobacco for chickpeas. Apparently the chickpea harvest has been concentrated in the Northwest, which creates a diversity of climate issue,  and now the large hummus producers (e.g. Pepsi which partially owns Sabra, and Kraft which owns Athenos) are encouraging Southern farmers to add chickpeas to their crop list.

Sales of hummus in the market are skyrocketing; up 11% from a year ago and up 25% from two years ago. And certainly the fact that a low fat, high protein snack item is popular is nothing to sneeze at – any consumption is a good thing. But perhaps this is a classic example where, since it doesn’t take much more effort to make hummus at home than buy it at the grocery store, we can do a little preaching and encourage people to take a look at these online hummus recipes from the EYB Library, sorted by buzz. In particular, we noted that this hummus recipe from the prize-winning cookbook Jerusalem (which has 8 pages devoted to hummus) is the favorite.

Or, since we assume that many of our members already make their own hummus, please share your favorites. A fresh batch might make for an unusual, but highly appreciated, Mother’s Day gift.

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