Basic cooking plus foods of the future

Lemon basil flavored cherry tomatoesWe’ve recently run across two insightful, but quite different interviews about cooking and food. In the first, Mark Bittman discusses his new book, How to Cook Everything: The Basics. And, per usual, he doesn’t sugar coat his opinions, stating frankly, “We know people skip two or three generations learning how to cook. Everyone with a brain acknowledges cooking is important.” So if you want to learn how to cook, and have a brain, check out Mark’s latest.

And getting as far away from basics as possible, on Huff Post Food Josh Schonwald reveals the 7 foods you’ll see more of in 2042. His interspecies flavor pairings strike us as quite believable. As he points out, in Israel they’re already growing cherry tomatoes with lemon basil flavoring gentically added. But the stem cell hamburger? 

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