Thanksgiving sides–some better ones.

If you haven’t yet drawn up your menu for Thursday, you’ve still probably made it as far as pinning down which turkey recipe you’re going to use.  A lot of us, though, don’t bother worrying about the vegetables because…they’re vegetables!  It’s enough work dealing with the bird, the stuffing, the pies.  The same goes for starchy sides.

But with so many wonderful books focused on vegetables and grains these last few years, you might as well stop a moment before hauling out the candied yams again.  I’ve collected some really great side dishes this year and I thought I’d share them.  None of them are difficult, even at the last moment.  And many can go in the same oven as the turkey, if you’ve got room.

I’m sure there’s still more, too.

When you’re finally done washing up, it’ll be time to put away the cookbooks, flop in a chair–and then order some more cookbooks! this time as gifts, for your friends and family.  You can find many, many recommendations from my NPR list and the excellent list of alternates.  (And, if I may, don’t forget A Spoonful of Promises: Recipes & Stories from a Well-Tempered Table–the perfect holiday gift for food lovers who like to read!)

Stay warm, eat well, and come back next week with your kitchen battle stories and feastly memories.

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