New registration and payment system

Today is a significant day for Eat Your Books – the beta sign has finally come off.  It’s taken longer than we thought – but that’s the nature of software development.  At the beginning of the year, we didn’t realise we were going to do a complete rewrite of the site, but we did, and it’s now the website that we dreamed of when we first began to conceptualize Eat Your Books.

We want to thank every member who joined EYB over the last year – particularly Lifetime members. I think some of you did wonder how long we’d actually be around – let me assure you we intend to be for a very long time!  Lifetimes expire in 2110 so we think that covers you all.

The major change for this release is a complete overhaul of the Registration and Payment system.  Changes include:

  • We have replaced the 30 day free trial period with a free membership that has a limit of 5 books on a Bookshelf. There is no time restriction. 
  • Membership subscriptions are now: US$2.50 per month or $25.00 per year.
  • Gift Certificates are now available (just in time for the holidays).  They cost $25 and are for a one year membership.

There have been several other changes, but mainly background ‘stuff’ – that make the site function much more efficiently and provides us with a better platform for future enhancements.

We are now on a major membership drive, with our first press release going out, so expect to see lots of new members.  We’ve had some great press to date, just through word-of-mouth, (see Press page) so we’re hoping we’ll get a good response.

As always we love to get your feedback.

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