Julie & Julia

Saw ‘Julie & Julia’ last night and loved it.  Based on the books My Life in France by Julia Child and Julie & Julia by Julie Powell, this juxtapositions the two stories.  Julia is finding herself through French cooking (then relatively unknown in US home kitchens) and Julie is finding herself by cooking her way through Julia’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and then blogging about it.  I’ve read reviews that didn’t like the way the two stories fit together but I thought it worked well.  I’ve also read a lot of negative comments about Julie’s “lack of seriousness” which I find odd.  How much more serious can you be about cooking than to cook your way through 524 French recipes in one year?  And is it wrong to then be funny about it?  Anyway, I loved both books and the movie – am I not discriminating enough?

BTW – we have 16 books by and about Julia on EYB.

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