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Fiction deals


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Cookbook deals

Long term UK deals can be found here.


Sales on fiction and other titles

Cookbook deals

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  • Cookbook ebook deals (updated – not in low to high order due to Amazon’s filtering but many books on sale – use the scroll bar to go through sales)

Long term CA deals can be found here.


For those who love to read fiction and nonfiction  see other deals

The following links are by publisher and they change frequently – be sure to scroll through several pages – some publishers have dozens of pages of deals and be sure to check the Cookbook Deals link above as it changes frequently. Due to Amazon’s filtering program – some higher price titles might sneak into the lower priced books.

Long term US deals can be found here.

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  • Be sure to check – all the pub links above for new sales be sure to scroll through several pages of each publisher’s link as Amazon’s sort by price is not always accurate.

LeCreuset deals: Le Creuset is having another Factory to Table Sale, with discounts of up to 40% off. The sale features everything from Dutch ovens to grill pans to tagines to nonstick skillets to dinnerware and more. Even better: they are offering free shipping on all orders, with no minimum purchase required. Be sure to check out the gorgeous new olive branch pieces.

Sur la TableLe Creuset 8 quart oval Dutch Oven
Sur la Table – Clearance Sale

Williams Sonoma – Warehouse Sale

Modernist Pizza – on sale for $294.

  • Check publisher links above – Ten Speed, Clarkson, Chronicle, Workman, Artisan, Abrams – etc for new sales added
  • Cookbook deals – updated 9/22/2022 (three pages of sales) also see this link scroll to nearly bottom of the page – and check out the five pages shared in “Customers who viewed items in your browsing history also viewed”. Use the left scroll arrow to go to other pages.

As an Amazon Associate Eat Your Books earns from qualifying purchases.

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