How to make the best use of holiday leftovers

Yesterday I learned that the average American eats 4,000 calories on Thanksgiving, an astonishing amount of food. Even after stuffing ourselves many of us have plenty of leftovers, and while turkey sandwiches are great you can only eat so many before you tire of them. It pays to look beyond the sandwich to find tasty options for those Thanksgiving leftovers.

The Washington Post offers ideas including waffles and soup, while the Food Safety Network instructs us on how long we should store the food and the best ways to safely reheat things. Real Simple gives us seven soups that use Thanksgiving leftovers, and the Seattle Times keeps in the soup theme with a hearty chowder.

Today tells us we should ditch the sandwich in favor of pot pies – and offers a whopping 17 different recipes from which to choose. King Arthur Baking likewise turns to pie with an all-in-one number that has the added bonus of being freezer-friendly.

If leftovers just aren’t your thing but you do not want to be wasteful, head over to Grist. There Kate Yoder encourages us to embrace the leftovers, reminding us that it is indeed a luxury to have excess food. We here at EYB hope our US Members have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy their holiday meal (and the leftovers).

Photo of How to make leftover Thanksgiving turkey pot pie from The Kitchn

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  • sir_ken_g  on  November 25, 2021

    Duck pho is the answer.

  • SenseiHeidi  on  November 25, 2021

    Now is the perfect time to make White Turkey Chilli from Cooking Light. I use unsweetened original almond milk in place of dairy milk so I can freeze the bounty without it curdling during the thaw and reheat. I also like to puree most of the beans while leaving just a few (1/2 cup) whole for textural contrast.

  • hillsboroks  on  November 26, 2021

    Last year I discovered the roast turkey galette from “When Pies Fly”. I have been waiting all year to make this again.

  • averythingcooks  on  November 27, 2021

    My household thrives on leftovers (best lunches ever!) and I have been on a quest to reduce food waste in my kitchen for awhile now. Soooo….I was pretty surprised when I read the Grist article. I’m a dedicated “substitutor” to fit my fridge contents, I often choose recipes specifically to repurpose leftovers & to use up what’s here and I try to freeze everything I can to use later ( I’m looking at you cranberry sauce) BUT one thing really got my attention — WHO THROWS OUT LEFTOVER TURKEY????? I just don’t understand.

  • SerenaYLee  on  December 4, 2021

    I must be in the minority, as I love Thanksgiving leftovers as is. No need to repurpose anything here!

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