Early birds get the turkey

Photos of bare supermarket shelves in the UK have been flooding social media feeds. Some folks have gone online to mock stores that have filled their bare spots with an odd assortment of items. On the other side of the globe, images of cargo ships dotting the seascape outside of the US’s busiest port have also been making the rounds. There is also talk of turkey shortages – both in the UK and US. It looks as though Australia will be spared from food supply issues, but they will face other shortages as global supply chains continue to be disrupted.

If you are the type who plans well ahead you may not need to make substantial changes to your meal plan. On a shopping trip to Aldi this afternoon I spied freezers full of whole turkeys as well as turkey breasts, and other supermarkets also seem to have full cases now. However, if you are a last-minute shopper, you might encounter issues in finding the products that you desire. In either situation, these shortages provide an opportunity to shake things up on your holiday table.

You can consider choosing a different protein for your centerpiece main item. Pork and beef roasts are excellent options. A couple of chickens can take the place of a turkey, and a whole salmon makes for a stunning presentation. Plus, there are so many excellent vegetarian and vegan recipes that skipping meat altogether would be far from a sacrifice. To start the wheels turning, here are some ideas to consider from the EYB Library:

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  • Jenny  on  October 20, 2021

    Reading that turkeys are stuck in traffic, made me think of my favorite ever turkey related video/episode. “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

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