Isolation Baking by Jamie Schler

Jamie Schler, the author of Orange Appeal: Savory & Sweet (review), owns the Hôtel Diderot in France where she churns out delicious dishes for her family and guests. As with many in the travel and other non-essential businesses, things have been rough during this time but that hasn’t stopped her from cooking and baking and sharing those dishes on her social media feeds.

Update 5/16/2020: Jamie’s full book is now available on EYB, fully indexed. Add this wonderful title to your bookshelf. Please consider supporting Jamie by making a donation as explained in the next paragraph.

This week she released her latest cookbook Isolation Baking: Recipes from My (Post) Confinement Kitchen via Apple Books and on Google Drive* (for those of us without Apple products). It is a beautiful collection of comforting recipes that we can turn to time and again. Jamie is offering the e-cookbook for free; if you would like to make a small donation to her hotel you can Paypal

This ebook shares 206 pages of photographs and recipes such as Swiss chard, zucchini and potato gratin, Lemon chicken pasta with peas, and Chocolate chip pecan blondies (which I am making this week!). You can add the cookbook to your bookshelf after downloading it. Thank you, Jamie.

Be sure to check out Orange Appeal: Savory & Sweet as well!

For those who have never downloaded from Google Drive:

Click on the Google drive link. Over to the far right is a downward-facing arrow . Click on that arrow to download. For your information, the first icon – the triangle with a + sign – is a Google drive share button, the second is a print button, and, again, the last icon is the download button.

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  • katehay  on  April 29, 2020

    This is great idea and a lovely book. I’ve happily sent a donation to her email via PayPal to say thanks and to send a little support.

  • riley  on  April 30, 2020

    Hope Jamie’s hotel survives the isolation. Donation winging its’ way to her.

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