Harbinger of the season

Spring has sprung here in the northern latitudes, and signs of the season are literally popping up all over. Yesterday I went outside to enjoy a breath of fresh air, and while the air was still chilly, the sun shone brightly and small sprigs of green could be seen in a few spots in my garden. Approaching one of these green oases, I spotted the familiar crinkled leaves that made my heart (and belly) go pitter-pat: the rhubarb has awakened.

Even though one of my coworkers scoffed at me for my love of rhubarb (she said it was something only ‘old people’ liked), I unabashedly adore the vegetable, which is usually treated more like a fruit. As I glanced at the tightly furled leaves, visions of pie, cobbler, and cocktails danced through my head. The rosy hue and sharp, tart flavor are the perfect antidote to a winter of dull, muted colors and flavors.

Taste of Home Magazine feels the same, and they have assembled 45 sweet and tart rhubarb recipes to welcome this harbinger of spring. My diet plans will be set aside as I contemplate the many ways to enjoy rhubarb. I might try one of these great recipes from the EYB Library:

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  • Kristjudy  on  March 20, 2020

    Oh I am team rhubarb!! Waiting patiently for the ruby buds to appear in my garden. Love this article.

  • Jane  on  March 21, 2020

    I made Rhubarb gin last year and it was really good, as well as a pretty pink color. Planning to make it again this year. My all-time favorite rhubarb recipe is Nigella’s Rhubarb cornmeal cake with Muscat-mascarpone cream.

  • darcie_b  on  March 21, 2020

    Thanks for posting that gin recipe! I am almost out of the very lovely Whitley Neill rhubarb ginger gin (no longer carried here), perhaps I can replicate that.

  • Lepa  on  March 21, 2020

    I have made several of these recipes and want to recommend the Rhubarb custard cake from Claire Ptak. It’s a house favorite!

  • MarciK  on  March 22, 2020

    I just got a small plant from my parents last year and hoping to get enough this year to do some baking with it. I like making a rhubarb compote to serve with pork chops.

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