Q & A with Bitten Nielsen of Copenhagen’s Kogebogeriet

We are always delighted when we learn about a cookbook store that we have not yet discovered. One of our Members clued us unto a bookstore that recently opened in Copenhagen, called Kogebogeriet, which means “The Cookbookery”. It is the first and only bookstore in Copenhagen, and it carries a broad collection of international and domestic titles. Kogebogeriet is owned and operated by Bitten Nielsen, who is also a chef. Bitten kindly answered our questions about the store. 

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What is your professional background? 

I am a seasoned chef who worked in the restaurant business for many years, before opening my own café, Gedigen, and later establishing Kogebogeriet. Our team also includes Fie Lundsgaard Olsen, a long-time communications professional, journalist, and food fan. 

Why did you decide to open a cookbook store?

With the rise of new Nordic cuisine and international fame of Danish chefs in the last decade, Copenhagen has become quite the capital for all food lovers. But, aside from webshops, we had no place to go for international, inspiring, and specialized cookbooks. So we decided to create that place ourselves. We are fully aware that it is a very tough market for bookstores these days. That’s why we are also a café, an event venue, and working to become a go-to spot for food lovers. We have been very well received in the media as well in our neighborhood. 

Are your customers mainly professional cooks or home/amateur cooks?

Copenhagen is buzzing with all kinds of foodies who visit our store to find titles not available in regular bookstores. Our guests come from all walks of life and with very varying skills in the kitchen. Some are pro or self-taught chefs; some are home cooks with a passion for certain cuisines, foods, or techniques. Some buy books for their kids, some buy gifts. Some even buy their first-ever cookbook here. Everyone is welcome! 

Does Kogebogeriet specialize in any particular type of cookbooks?

Yes and no. Here, you will never find diet books or books promoting certain health benefits by restricting yourself. We love all foods and believe in cooking with curiosity and quality. We carefully curate our selection to reflect these values. This gives us a very wide range, and at the same time allows us to focus on quality rather than quantity. 

Do you import cookbooks from other countries?

Yes, we offer a wide range of domestic and international authors. Books are in Danish or English. If we don’t have the book you’re looking for, we will order it for you! 

Which cookbooks have been the best sellers in your store?

There is, of course, a top-five sales list, but as we specialize in having a wide range of titles, and do not order bulk, we can offer an unmatched variety. So actually, the most popular books are all different, because our customers are able to find their own personal favorites. 

In addition to books, what kinds of events or services does Kogebogeriet offer?

Every day, our cosy café is open to neighborhood guests and everybody else who love great coffee, breakfast, brunch, and freshly baked cake. We also host book launches, hold book signings, and present dinner events with cookbook authors and chefs. Our very first event featured Danish Michelin-starred chef Henrik Yde of Kiin Kiin and famed food critic Søren Frank, and was a sold-out hit. 

What type of books do you like to cook from yourself?  Do you have a favorite cookbook?

As a chef, all kinds of cookbooks can inspire me. Hopefully, I can pass my enthusiasm on to our customers and guide them to find the best books for their kitchen.

Recently, the Kogebogeriet website has been completed and includes events along with more information.

Guldbergsgade 10, st
2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark
Tel: +45 2320 0717
Email: hallo@kogebogeriet.dk

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