Counting the days to GBBO

There are precious few bits of good news these days. The world’s lungs are on fire, stock markets around the world have more ups and downs than an M.C. Escher staircase, and my scale continues to mock me on a daily basis. That is why I am counting down the days to Season 7 of The Great British Bake Off (known as The Great British Baking Show here in the US). 


Losing myself in the technical challenges, the camaraderie of the hosts, and the quirky personalities of the show’s contestants allows me to escape the relentless barrage of negative news and life’s daily stresses. Binge-watching GBBO and writing for EYB are two pleasures that keep me grounded and sane.

Speaking of binge-watching, it doesn’t look like that is going to be possible this season for those of us who watch the show on Netflix. However, there is a silver lining in the change in scheduling. Instead of making us wait eons to watch the program after we already know who won (it is impossible to avoid the spoilers), Netflix will be airing one episode each week, a mere three days after the show airs in the UK on Channel 4. Let the baking begin! 

GBBO premieres on 27 August on Channel 4 in the UK, with the first episode available on Netflix on 30 August. 

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  • Thrasymachus  on  August 24, 2019

    Given the tensions over the Brexit negotiaions, I can safely say that a vast majority of the British public are glad that the Bake Off is back. It really is the televisual equivalent of a cuddle. No arguing, no nastiness, no fakery, just 13 passionate bakers creating delicious food

  • Jane  on  August 24, 2019

    Here in the US we love it for the same reason. It’s pure escapism from the craziness going on here.

  • Shelmar  on  August 24, 2019

    What is not to love? Unlike so many cooking shows here in US, this show seems real, makes me want to try to cook different foods, and leaves me wanting to see new cookbooks from participants. I even love seeing failures, as I can learn from other’s mistakes.

  • JenjiRM  on  September 13, 2019

    Super excited! I love this show!

  • annie1000  on  October 4, 2019

    Ah, some good news at last!

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