Nigella Lawson has created a food photography app

Does it seem to you like the filters on most photography apps make food look, well, unappetizing? Most of the filters seem geared toward other subjects rather than the plate. Nigella Lawson was among those vexed by this situation, so she decided to do something about it, and has created a photography app specifically for food photos


The app is called FOODIM, and Nigella developed it with the help of her longtime cameraman. The feature that is a game changer for food pictures is a “built-in filter designed to optimise food and a back-of-shot blur dependent on the angle of the phone (as well as a draw-to-blur feature) to give depth of field,” according to Nigella’s website. This is the app I’ve been waiting for! 

Unfortunately for me (at least for the time being), the app is only available for iPhones, and only in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. An Android version is in the works for those areas as well. If you live elsewhere, you can register your interest by subscribing to the updates on the app’s download link. 

Photo above is taken using the app and can be found at

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  • kitchen_chick  on  March 25, 2019

    I was excited, then I looked at the sample photo more closely. The top 1/5ish of the photo where the blur happens looks really artificial. I'll give it a try anyway, but it's got to do a better job with faking the shallow depth of field to not look like a bad post-processing job.

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