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 grilled flank steak

Here in the US, the national holiday called Memorial Day honors those who have fallen in the line of service to our country. Unofficially, the long weekend marks the start of summer and kicks off peak grilling season, especially for those in more northern latitudes who have had a late start to their spring. Although tradition dictates that steaks and hamburgers sizzle over the hot coals, people have become more adventurous, grilling fruit, vegetables, and pizza as well.

If you aren’t sure of what changes you need to make for grilling these items or if you’re looking to refresh your rusty burger grilling technique after a long break, there are plenty of guides available–perhaps too many. To help you wade through them, we’ve gathered a few to use as starting points. We will start off with the newly-minted summertime grilling guide from The Splendid Table, where you will find all sorts of ideas for meats and veggies, plus the sauces, sides, beverages and desserts to accompany outdoor cooking. Indexed blog Serious Eats boasts a comprehensive guide to grilling steak, but if you are contemplating a different protein, check out this guide to grilling seafood including fish, shrimp, and lobster.

Grilled pizza can be a challenge unless you know the right technique. Indexed blog Simply Recipes offers a how-to guide to deliver stellar results. Food52 shows us the best methods for grilling fruit, and Kalyn Denny of Kalyn’s Kitchen provides with advice on how to cook vegetables on the grill. Even cocktails can benefit from the grills, says Imbibe Magazine. They feature a guide to grilling for cocktails, loaded with information on how to use grilled ingredients to great effect in your libations. 

Even if it isn’t summer where you are, chances are you can still fire up the grill and take advantage of this wealth of information. With over 12,300 grill and BBQ recipes available online, the EYB Library has you covered for ideas once you master the techniques. 

Photo of Grilled flank steak with poblano pico from indexed blog What’s Gaby Cooking

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